Governance of Mabruenia

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The logo of The Grand Assembly of Mabruenia, Established on on July 28th, 2023.
The chart showcasing the hierarchy of the Republic of Mabruenia's government, created February 13th, 2024

The governance of the Federal Republic of Mabruenia consists of a upper house, a lower house, departments, and governors. The upper house of Mabruenia's government is called The Grand Assembly, and like The United States, the Vice President is the leader of it. The lower house of Mabruenia is called The Legislative Assembly, and runs like the senate of The United States. The nation is run by a President, who is the Head of State, and the Head of Government. The government of Mabruenia was developed over the eight months it has existed, but the most recent developments was the creation of the upper and lower house, as well as a department of finance. Mabruenia is also a constitutional Republic. The government developed rapidly, once a secretary of defense, secretary of finance, and a Vice President on the physical land of Mabruenia was elected. The Grand Assembly of Mabruenia is responsible for proposing laws and acts, while The Legislative Assembly is responsible for debating and passing the laws and acts, as well as representing the interests of the citizens. There are currently no governors in Mabruenia, so the four states of the nation are currently ran by the Federal Government. Each house of Mabruenia have members that serve for a fixed term and are elected democratically. There are no members in The Legislative Assembly, but there are seven members in The Grand Assembly. The Grand Assembly and Legislative Assembly of Mabruenia work together to ensure the effective governance of the Federal Republic. Through their legislative powers, they contribute to the development and implementation of policies and laws that promote the well-being and progress of Mabruenia.