Sprinske Empire

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The Sprinske Empire
La Imperio de Sprinske

Flag of Sprinska

Anthem: ‘Viva Sprinska’
Capital Río de Sprinska
Largest city Shedhill
Official languages
  • Sprinske
  • Scots
  • Scottish Gaelic
  • Irish
Recognised national languages
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • French
  • Séitnamic
  • Kaltarsian
  • Donkrean
  • Falconiac
  • Interkolniaric
  • Recognised regional languages
  • English
  • Religion
    Demonym(s) Sprinske
    Government Monarchy
    • Emperor
    Aaron I, Emperor of Sprinska
    • Taoiseach
    Legislature La Davàrage de Sprinska
    Establishment 30 October 2020

    • Citizens
    Currency Sprinske delta
    Driving side left

    The Sprinske Empire, commonly known as Sprinska is a micronation in the Kolniari Sector in Glasgow, Scotland. It was founded on 30 October 2020 by the Treaty of Spritsnasque in the aftermath of the Sprinske Revolution alongside the Imperial Republic of Donkrea.

    Sprinska is the self-declared successor to the short-lived Sprinske Communist Republic, which existed for a few months in the second half of 2020. This claim is considered somewhat controversial however, as the Sprinske Empire is very different from the Sprinske Communist Republic, and other nations have existed in Kolniari claiming to be the true successor.

    For a lot of its existence, the Sprinske Empire was the strongest nation in the Kolniari Sector, as from 2020 to 2022, most of the other nations were puppet states, or small breakaway states. It was considered to be the strongest because of its victory in the Donkrean Civil War, the Sprinske Civil War and a few other conflicts that took place around this time, after the Séitnamic War in November 2022, the Sprinske Empire’s strength had deteriorated considerably as the army was very small by this point. Today the Sprinske Empire is at peace with the other nations of the sector, and the army is now down to two soldiers.


    Prior to the Sprinske Empire’s foundation, the entirety of the Donkrean Subsector was controlled by the Sprinske Communist Republic, which existed from 12 August 2020 to 30 October 2020. Despite being officially communist, the SCR was also a monarchy. The Head of State was King Zachary I, who had the most power over the nation, followed by his younger brother, Prince Gregor, who was the heir to the throne, but didn’t have much power in government. The Prime Minister, Aaron, was almost as powerful as the King, but he still needed King Zachary’s permission to pass laws and would oversee the nation in the King’s absence. General Kian was the leader of the army and the third most powerful in government, and he was a close friend of Prime Minister Aaron.

    After Prince Gregor attempted to overthrow King Zachary in the Banana Uprising on 27 October 2020, he was removed from the line of succession, and declared as a traitor. King Zachary decided that the Prime Minister would become the heir to the throne as well.

    Sprinske Revolution

    On 30 October 2020, the nation held a Halloween party, as 31 October was a Saturday. Prime Minister Aaron was dressed as Del Boy Trotter from Only Fools and Horses, and as part of the character, he was selling fake golden chains made from Christmas beads and plastic cutlery. King Zachary immediately ordered the army to arrest him for practicing Capitalism, but the Prime Minister and General Kian marched into the Capital City, as King Zachary gathered his army, some of the soldiers refused to attack however, and joined the rebels in Corneria. King Zachary appointed Blake Smith as the new Prime Minister.

    The rebels attacked the city of Marxtown in a short battle which only lasted a few minutes. The rebels succeeded in flanking the army, forcing them to retreat, and giving the rebels the city. The rebels then attempted to take New Riga, a key city and the capital of the Province of Donkrea, but the army’s defences were prepared for the attack, and managed to force the rebels out of New Riga. After this battle, Aaron and Kian met with King Zachary and Prime Minister Blake Smith in a dining hall outside of New Riga, where peace negotiations began, however no agreement was reached, as some of the rebels outside got impatient and launched another attack on Corneria. General Kian launched an attack on a group led by King Zachary in the Province of Donkrea, and during the attack, he kicked King Zachary, which started a real fight between the two, which ended when King Zachary spotted Aaron and another group of rebels taking over the capital city. King Zachary gathered his army again and marched into Corneria, but the rebels attacked the centre of his army, separating them and blocking communication. After they attacked both sides of King Zachary’s army, the rebels captured the palace, and quickly took control of the capital. King Zachary continued the fight in Donkrea, but some members of the government began to lose trust in him and in the rest of the government, Prime Minister Blake Smith staged a coup and declared himself as King Blake I. The Former King Zachary was unaware of the coup until his supporters gradually gave up. The nation had already effectively collapsed, and the government was fractured between supporting Zachary or Blake as the true King. King Blake I officially surrendered to Aaron and Kian a few minutes later.

    Treaty of Spritsnasque

    After King Blake announced the nation’s surrender, Aaron began writing a treaty, which would divide the Sprinske Communist Republic into the Sprinske Empire and the Imperial Republic of Donkrea and force the nation to dissolve. Citizenship of either nation would be offered to citizens of the Sprinske Communist Republic, however the Former King Zachary and his brother, the Former Prince Gregor, would be exiled. At 14:57, King Blake I signed the treaty which would go into effect three minutes later. The Sprinske Empire was declared at 15:00, with Aaron being declared Emperor at the same time, however the Sprinske Communist Republic technically continued to exist until the next day, when Kian was appointed Prime Minister of Donkrea, which formally established the Imperial Republic of Donkrea.

    Donkrean Civil War

    Sprinske newspaper from 4 June 2021

    On 31 October 2020, Emperor Aaron I travelled to Edinburgh, leaving effective control over the Sprinske Empire to Kian. Around the same time, the former King Zachary gathered a group of his supporters who wanted to restore the Sprinske Communist Republic, and declared the Donkrean Communist Army. Zachary and his army attempted to overthrow the Donkrean government, as the nation was considered weaker as it was a satellite state of the Sprinske Empire rather than a fully independent state. Emperor Aaron I returned to Sprinska on 8 November 2020 to find the nation at war. During the Donkrean Civil War, the DCA would launch frequent attacks on the Sprinske Empire and Imperial Republic of Donkrea, but most of their rebellions didn’t threaten either of the nations very much. Very little happened during late 2020 and early 2021, partially because it was in the winter, but on 5 January 2021, Scotland entered lockdown again[1] which prevented any physical combat. By May 2021, fighting had resumed.

    The only surviving records of a battle during the Donkrean Civil War are of a battle that happened on 3 June 2021. Because Emperor Aaron I was busy building the Spritsnasque Cathedral, Kian led the Sprinske and Donkrean army. Several members of the Sprinske government joined Zachary’s side to rebel, but Kian led the army to victory and they returned to the Sprinske Empire’s side. Sprinska placed an informant in the DCA to reveal their plan, but Emperor Aaron I had accidentally revealed this to a local, who told Zachary about it. Zachary then told her about his plan to ambush the Sprinske and Donkrean forces, which she then told to Emperor Aaron, but this plan was made up to trick the Sprinske into attacking in a corner in New Riga, however as they arrived there, the DCA attempted to surround them, forcing the army to flee. They launched a successful counterattack and managed to capture many of the DCA’s members, including Zachary, however they escaped as more fighting broke out. The DCA signed a treaty to reduce the size of their guerrilla force in exchange for a one week ceasefire.

    On 6 June 2021, the agreement broke down after only three days, and fighting once again resumed when the DCA launched an attack on the Sprinske Empire’s army in the Donkrean countryside. Sprinska’s main force attacked them from behind, and as the DCA tried to flee, the Sprinske army’s reserves trapped them between the army and a fence, forcing most of them to surrender. After this, the DCA’s leadership structure effectively collapsed, and as a result, they became less and less active. Most of their members had given up on their plan, or had already surrendered, and by mid June, the DCA was completely dormant. It collapsed on 18 June 2021, and Zachary was given a pardon by the Sprinske government so that he could join them and become a General.

    Summer of 2021

    Following the collapse of the DCA and Zachary joining the Sprinske Empire, Emperor Aaron I found that he got along with Zachary, and the two shared a mutual interest in air force and navy. They decided that they would build the nation a navy and air force out of paper and other materials, and began work on a number of paper ships. Because the nation had R/C conversion kits for paper aircraft, they decided to build a 'supercarrier' out of paper, known as the HMS Falcon. Construction of the Falcon began in July, and it was expected that it would be finished by September. The Sprinske Empire already had a significant amount of paper ships, including the HMS Emperor class vessels, constructed between November 2020 and August 2021. The HMS Emperor was declared the flagship of the Sprinske navy until the HMS Falcon was constructed.

    By mid August 2021, the Sprinske Empire was slowly becoming more socialist, as Zachary was still a committed communist and his influence was bringing the nation closer to his original communist vision. At this point, two distinct factions emerged, there were the Communists, who backed General Zachary and his goal of making the Sprinske Empire communist, and the Imperial Faction, who supported Emperor Aaron’s belief that returning to communism would be a terrible idea. Emperor Aaron began to develop a suspicion that Zachary was trying to bring back the Sprinske Communist Republic. After a heated debate between Emperor Aaron I and King Zachary, Emperor Aaron officially banned communism in the nation.