Democratic Republic of Satoshi

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Democratic Republic of Satoshi

Flag of Satoshi
Coat of arms of Satoshi
Coat of arms

Motto: "Satoshi Vivit"
Anthem: "Our Great Nation"
Great Seal

CapitalNova Pecunia
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languages
GovernmentMulti-party system
Lucas of Satoshi
Independence from Netherlands 
• Declaration of independence
12 February 2022

• Citizens
CurrencySatoshi bill (de jure)
Euro (de facto)
Time zoneEuropean Time Zone
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+31
Internet TLD.tros (proposed)

Website (Maintenance)

The Democratic Republic of Satoshi, referred to colloquially as Satoshi, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, also known as a micronation. Satoshi seceded from the Kingdom of the Netherlands on 12 February 2022. Located in Europe it is entirely landlocked within Netherlands. Satoshi has attended the MicroCon 2023 EU.

The official language of Satoshi is English. The use of Dutch and Spanish (specifically Mexican Spanish) is also recognized. It is currently a member of the Union Against Micronational War.


The Democratic Republic of Satoshi is named after the nation's patron saint, Satoshi Nakamoto, inventor of Bitcoin and the concept of the blockchain.


The Grand Miner President discovered the phenomenon of micronationlism in the late 2010s. It was only in 2022 that the Grand Miner President chose to form his own micronation which was declared independent on 12 February 2022.

Absolute monarchy

For the first four months of the nation's existence, it was run as a benevolent absolute monarchy.

Later, the Grand Miner President considered that having a multi-party system would be more professional. The government was changed to a multi-party system on the 12th of June 2022.

Search for the first nation for Foreign relations

After settling on the identity of the nation, the Grand Miner President soughted to establish foreign relations with other states.

The Principality of Sancratosia became the first state to establish formal relations with the Democratic Republic.

Digi Micro Summit

The Democratic Republic of Satoshi launched the idea of hosting a virtual micronational summit. With support from the Principality of Sancratosia, the Democratic Republic co-hosted the first Digi Micro Summit. The summit was the first virtual micronational conference hosted on the Metaverse.

Moving of Location

In late 2022 it was decided that the location of the Democratic Republic of Satoshi be located in Europe. More specifically in the Netherlands. Alongside this, the Grand Miner President and his family also moved from the Caribbean where Satoshi was previously to Europe.

One thing to note was that alongside the citizenship of Satoshian that the Grand Miner President holds, he also held citizenship of Curacao. During the move, the Grand Miner President and his family deregistered from Curacao a few days before they left the island. Due to this they temporarily lost their citizenship of a "recognized" macronation. And it took a few days after they landed in Europe to register as citizens. In turn, the argument can be made that the Grand Miner President and his family were sole citizens of The Democratic Republic of Satoshi.

National Symbols

Government and politics

Foreign Relations

Satoshi adheres to the declarative theory of statehood, every state that has a defined territory, a permanent population, a government, and the capacity to enter in relation with other micronational states is de facto recognized by Satoshi. But for de jure recognition a state must send a formal request through its website of Satoshi. The Minister of Foreign Affairs can reject states freely.

Satoshi is a signatory of the UAMW, the Wrythe Convention, the Montevideo Convention, the Edgbaston Convention and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

From the 19th of August 2022 to the 21st of August 2022, the Grand Miner President attended Digi Micro Summit as a host and attendee where it established informal relations with the Sovereign Nation of Emory and the Republic of Poets. Where he also received a number of awards.


The Democratic Republic of Satoshi is a presidential republic, which operates under a multi-party system.

Satoshi's government is run by three branches, the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.


The Executive power is held by the Grand Miner President and his Cabinet.

The Grand Miner President has the power to approve or reject a law passed by the Estates. Once a law is signed, it immediately becomes legislation and must be distributed nationwide.

If a member of the Cabinet (a minister) wishes to create a Government Ministerial Issue, then the aforementioned minister must inform the Grand Miner President of his intention. The Grand Miner President is obligated to read fully every Government Ministerial Issue received no more than 14 days after he received it. Once it is read, the Grand Miner President can either allow it to continue or use his veto power and deny it. If it is denied, they must inform the minister and explain the reasons for its denial. If the minister is not satisfied, then they may bring it to the Estates' attention which could lead to a vote to either approve or deny this Government Ministerial Issue.


The Legislative power is held by the Estates and the Cabinet.

The Estates has the power to create a proposition, a power shared with the people who have de facto power to do so as well. This situation is allowed because an individual can contact the Estates to study a proposal of law or of amendment to the constitution. The Estates retain the power to ignore the communications. The Estates also have the power to impeach a government official. The process requires for the Estates to vote, by plurality, on the proposition that a trial should take place. The vote requires a simple majority to be approved. During the trial, the Estates act as a jury. Once the trial is completed, the Estates must vote on the result of the trial. This vote requires a super majority.


The Judicial power is held by a court system consisting of the Supreme Court, Bracket Court, Low Court, and State Court.

The State Court has the power to punish individuals for committing crimes.

The Low Court has the power to also punish individuals for committing crimes and can overrule the verdict reached in the State Court.

The Bracket Court has the power to also punish individuals for committing crimes and can overrule the verdict reached in the Low Court. They also listen to cases regarding to federal, territorial and about companies.

The Supreme Court has the power to sustain or overrule the verdict reached in the Low Court, to interpret the constitution when needed, and to certify election results.

Territory & Geography

The territory of the nation consists of a room and a special space inside of a private residential home.

The Government is currently working with the foreign government of the Netherlands to extend its territory.


The Democratic Republic is located in Europe, nearby the Netherlands.

The climate of Satoshi is identical to that of the Netherlands.

Satoshi takes its weather data from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute.


Date Name Remarks:
1 January New Year The Beginning of the New Year
3 January The Bitcoin Mining The Day when the first Bitcoin was mined.
5 February The First Father’s Day The Day that the current GMP's father was born.
12 February Founding Day The Day that Satoshi was founded.
19 February Flag Day The Day that Satoshian's celebrate the flag.
24 February The Grandma of Mexico The Day that the current GMP's grandma from Mexico was born.
1 April April Fool's April Fools
20 April The Grandma of the Netherlands The Day that the current GMP's grandma from the Netherlands was born.
5 May The First Mother's Day The Day that the current GMP's mother was born.
31 May The President Day The Day that the current GMP and founder of Satoshi was born.
15 July Summer Day The Day to celebrate that summer has begun.
31 October Halloween Halloween
1-2 November Dia de los Muertos The Day to honor the deceased.
24-25 December Christmas Days The Days to celebrate Christmas
31 December The Last Day The final day of the year.


The Bank of Satoshi, on behalf of the government, issued in 2022 the Satoshi bill, the official currency of Satoshi.

With the limited acceptation of the Satoshi bill, the Euro is the most commonly used currency in Satoshi.


In the constitution of the Democratic Republic of Satoshi several ministries are established:

  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Ministry of Society and State
  • Ministry of Development



The cuisine of Satoshi is inspired by Dutch & American cuisines.

One of the most popular foods in Satoshi is frikandel which is a food that can be easily found in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Satoshi. Alongside the frikandel, Satoshians can enjoy oliebollen a food most typically found in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Another liked Dutch food would be the speculaas a staple food commonly consumed at Christmas. The "Chocolade letter" (Dutch for "chocolate letter") is equally enjoyed by Satoshians.

Chicken nuggets and chicken wings, are influences from American cuisine that have become popular in the Democratic Republic of Satoshi. French Fries are also part of the common diet and are eaten throughout the entire year.

Iced tea is one of the most popular drinks.

Foreign Relations

Satoshi currently has mutual recognition and diplomatic relations with: