Plușeni - Lubec Pact

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Plușeni - Lubec Pact
Neutrality Pact
Official language English
Membership 2 Signatories
– Treaty Finalized 2 December 2020

The Plușeni - Lubec Pact is a treaty created as a pact to keep drama and personal conflict out of micronations and their communities. While the pact is informal it holds strict rules on who may be a member that being six months or more of drama free as a micronation and or community. The pact was an informal group with no central head or unified governing body. Currently, the Kingdom of Atlia and Plushinia are the only remaining members of the treaty by de facto.


The goals of the pact are as follows,

  • Shall be a place for everyone and to avoid drama and personal conflicts of which do not impact signatory nations.
  • Shall be to ensure drama and personal conflicts do not impact the nations which have chosen their own path by announcing their independence as a free and sovereign, developing nation by providing a list of nations and groups which have affirmed this treaty to uphold drama free communities and individuals.
  • Support nations who wish to stay drama free and to stay clear of personal conflicts.

Original Signatories

The People's Republic of Adonia was a founding member of the treaty, but due to some event months later after its signing, forced its withdrawal from the treaty in a mutual accord both by the members of that time and the Adonian government.

State of the Treaty

The Kingdom of Atlia and Plushunia are currently the only remaining active and non-defunct nations within the Treaty, although it requires confirmation by other sources if Voldenstein still exists.