October 2023 Pontunian General Election

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October 2023 Pontunian general election

October 28, 2023 (2023-10-28) April 2024 →
← Provisional 13th Assembly
14th Assembly →

all 9 seats in the National Assembly
5 seats needed for a majority
Registered 28

  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Andrew Perdomo Hunt Powell Charles Madgett
Alliance CI-P
Leader since 5 March 2020 18 October 2023 21 October 2023
Leader's seat New Rouen New Rouen New Nidaros
Last election 8 seats 1 seat New Party
Seats won 2 4 2
Popular vote 4 6

Popular vote 2

Interim President before election

Andrew Perdomo



Legislative elections are expected to be held in Pontunia on 28 October 2023 to elect the 9 deputies of the 14th Assembly of Pontunia. The elections are taking place following the abolition of the Monarchy, which happened on 15 October 2023.

Background and issues

Six political parties are registered with the Pontunian Election Commission, and three ballot measures are on the ballot. The direct election of the President and Elarian relations are the primary issues of the campaign. The Left Front and Intergralist Communion are in negotiations with other parties to form a government.

Integralist Communion

The Integralist Communion has campaigned for a guild-based economy, a preservation of the Catholic Republic as intended in the constitution, direct election of the President, ending Elarian recognition, and anti-capitalism. They are open to a coalition with all parties except the Traditional-Conservatives.

Left Front

The Left Front has campaigned for a socialist economy, the abolition of the Volcavian as a political position, and the direct election of the President.

National Radicals

The National Radicals have received criticism for being fascistic in nature. They campaigned for a command economy, and are in coalition discussions with the Integralist Communion.


"Tee-Cees" have campaigned against socialism, for the restoration of the Monarchy, and in favor of Elarian relations.

Social Republicans and Justice Bloc

These parties are both moderate socialists.

Coalition possibilities

KNU-NRP-SR-JB : "Center Coaltion" of economic centrists and moderates. LFP-SR-JB : "Popular Front" of progressive socialists.