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This is the documentation page for Module:LoadData

A more complex version of Module:Data with more options and the ability to select indexes with an inequality operator.


{{#invoke:LoadData|Module name|index1|2 lteq=index2 limit|...|}}

  • Zeroth parameter is the name of the data module to read, without Module:, e.g. Example/data
  • Next parameters, for an index N starting at one, are called |N= for the exact index you need, coerced to number if possible, |N lteq= to select the highest numerical index less than or equal to the argument, or |N gteq= for the opposite.
  • |template= is a printf-style string to interpolate the resulting value(s) into, e.g. <b>%s</b>.
  • |preprocess= is like |template= except that frame:preprocess is run on it; this makes e.g. template transclusions work.
  • |if nil= is the string to return if the result is nil. Default is nil, which comes out as the empty string.