Intermicronational Council

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Intermicronational Council
Abbreviation IC
Formation 4 January 2024
Type Intergovernmental organisation

The Intermicronational Council (IC) is an intergovernmental organisation that aims to improve collaboration between its members in a number of areas including transport, the environment and energy. Its membership comprises Republic of Stret Merdhin, Republic of Ruskajista and Ghurklas and the devolved governments of Kingdom of Wilderíocht, Republic of Pirans Herald and Caermyth.

The Stret Merdhin and Ruskakista and Ghurklas governments, and political parties in the Devolved areas, agreed to form a council under the IC-National Agreement. The council's stated aim is to "promote unity within the micronational community".

Membership and operation

Members and advisors

Member name Government Membership Represented since
Republic of Stret Merdhin High Parliament of Stret Merdhin Full membership 2024
Republic of Ruskajista Maoistischer Aufbau Ruskajista
The People's Municipality Of Holsor The Holsor Government
Ghurklas N/A
Kingdom of Wilderíocht
Republic of Pirans Herald Parliament of Pirans Herald
Republic of Thernqa Parliament of Thernqa
Laslands Republic Laslands Parliament
New Galatia Crown Dependency
Icenia Crown Dependency
Siluria Crown Dependency
Caermyth N/A
Socialist Republic Golaunach Advisor on the Welsh language
Republic of Corsa Parliament of Corsa Advisor on the Cornish language
Zolotmesto Colony of Corsa Advisor on Cornish Arts
Truro Colony of Corsa Advisor on Welsh Arts
Dimi Republic Statehood under Stret Advisor on Culture

Work areas

The Council agrees to specific work areas for which individual members take responsibility. The Veto Board suggested transport links, agriculture, environmental issues, culture, health, education, these work areas can be expanded or reduced as the Council decides. It is also open to the council to make agreement on common policies. These agreements are made through consensus, although individual members may opt not to participate in implementing any of these.

The current list of work areas and the member responsible are: