Imperium Interneti

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Imperium Interneti

National Seal

Motto: Coloni Nos. "We are colonists."
Anthem: No anthem
Capital Imperium Discoriae's capital Discord server and r/The_Redditian_Empire.
Official languages English, Latin and Portuguese
Demonym(s) None
• Emperor of the Internet.
Emperor Sheev Karamazov

• 2023 population

The Imperium Interneti, more commonly known as The Imperium, is a self-proclaimed nation that exists in forums in Reddit and Discord. It is comprised of its two official branches for Reddit and Discord, respectively: the Imperium Redditi and the Imperium Discordiae, each comprised of a capital forum (server for Discord and subreddit for Reddit) and several colonized forums.

The Imperium has evolved from a series of creations, annexations and separations of constituent forums since 5 of December of 2020, with its current (as of 28 of April of 2023) dominions being one capital subreddit, 30 colony subreddits, one capital Discord server and 20 colony Discord servers.

The Imperium is an Absolute Monarchy, a Feudal State and a Catholic institution, as the leader of the nation, the Emperor, has absolute power over every aspect of the Imperium, the several colonies are ruled by a system of vassalage of which the Emperor is the suzerain and the governors of each colony are the vassals, and as the Imperium has also adopted Catholicism as its State Religion. is all is due to the Imperium's traditionalist State ideology, originated from the Emperor's own personal views.

The Imperium is part of several organizations in Discord aimed at the common prosperity of nation-like servers, the most important of which are the League of Servers and the Imperial Commonwealth of Servers. It also maintains individual allied forums both in Discord and Reddit.

Etymology and terminology

Before the Latinization.

Before July of 2022, the Reddit and Discord branchs of the Imperium were called "Redditian Empire" and "Discordian Empire", while the whole nation was called "Internetian Empire". The terms "Redditian", "Discordian" and "Internetian" were formed by the roots "Reddit", "Discord" and "Internet", each denotind the virtual platform in which the mentioned political entity exists, and the suffix "ian", which denotes "belonging to", "coming from", "being of", etc, which means "Redditian", "Discordian" and "Internetian" each mean "from/of Reddit", "from/of Discord" and "from/of the Internet", while "Empire" was used to express the societal structure and works of the nation: an expansionist and unitary nation ruling over several dominions under the authority of a single political entity.

After the Latinization.

After July of 2022, by decree of the Emperor, the three political entities each had its name translated to Latin due to the Imperium's new policy of becoming a Latin-speaking nation. "Redditian Empire" was changed to "Imperium Redditi", "Discordian Empire" was changed to "Imperium Discordiae" and "Internetian Empire" was changed to "Imperium Interneti". The translations were made in the following way: "Empire" in all three names was translated to "Imperium", while "Redditian" and "Internetian" were changed to "Redditi" and "Interneti" due to the roots "Reddit" and "Internet" being neutral nouns in Latin due to not having a direct translation and therefore only needing an additional "i" in order to form the genitive case, while "Discordian" was changed to "Discordiae" since "Discord" already comes from the Latin word "Discordia", a feminine noun, which therefore needs to end in "ae" in order to form a genitive case.

The first change happened to the Imperium Redditi, although the name was only partly changed due to Reddit not allowing a change in the subreddit's link, therefore the name which needs to be searched is "r/The_Redditian_Empire", while the name which appears when you reach the subreddit is "Imperium Redditi". The second change happened to the Imperium Discordiae right after the first change, and it was total, due to Discord not having the server's name being related to its link and therefore allowing it to be completely changed in every screen of the forum. The third change was to the Imperium Interneti and was made after much more time, since a translation to "Internetian" was still being researched by the Emperor.


The Imperium Discordiae started when Emperor Sheev joined a subreddit for, and became a moderator in it. And in his words on how it started: "After being an active user for some time, I started noticing some small subreddits forming around the main community. Such subreddits included some of our earliest colonies, such as r/Auto_Smasher_Gang, r/SmasherGang and r/DiepBulletSpammers. The first one I joined was r/Diepio_Overseers, a small community focused on specific classes of tanks from that game. I quickly became a moderator thanks to the owner, u/MeNew123123123, as I was one of the first users to join. I also joined some other small subreddits that also talked about specific classes and became a moderator of other two of them. After working as a moderator for some time, I started understanding more and more about Reddit, which made me wish for... More...

I then started studying the behavior of the redditors, for example: how the masses of redditors changed from one subreddit to another, how communities grew and exchanged members, how subreddits became inactive and how each post could move the communities, then I formulated a plan. A plan for growing r/Diepio_Overseers and destroying the competition. I made a post detailing that plan, which would still, of course, need to be changed (look at the post to see how bad was that plan). It has been accepted by the community, although I suppose they thought is was satirical, which it was not. That was the idea that cemented the base for the creation of the Empire."

The empire was started on December 5th, 2020, and gained multiple colonies, and had a big member count, however,