State of Hokoria

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State of Hokoria

Flag of the State of Hokoria

A map of the territory of the State of Hokoria

CapitalKojima Island
53.868833, -1.674802
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesCatalan, Chinese
Organizational structureUnitary parliamentary absolute monarchy
• Koru
Willow I
• Chancellor
Waqiy ibn Ayatch al-Narjid
• Governor of Atlantis
Christopher Slant
State Council
Hokorian Assembly
Independence from the United Kingdom
• Foundation
11 March 2023
• Independence
31 March 2023
• Succession of Aaron I
15 September 2023
• Succession of Willow I
13 June 2024

Area claimed
• State of Hokoria
0.136 km2 (0.053 sq mi)
• Water (%)
Membership100 Increase
Purported currencyEuro (EUR)
Time zoneUTC0 (HST)
• Summer (DST)
Daylight Saving Time is not used.
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving side
  • State of Hokoria: left
  • Territori Reial de Keraland: right
  • Royal Territory of Atlantis: left

The State of Hokoria, known more commonly as Hokoria and sometimes Modern Hokoria, is a nation within the British Isles. It is a landlocked nation that borders England, within the West Yorkshire town of Yeadon. Continental Europe lies to the south-east, with Scotland at the north-west, Wales at the south-west and Ireland at its west. In addition to its Yeadon territory, Hokoria claims territory within the Catalan city of Sabadell (under the name of Territori Reial de Keraland) and Hong Kong (under the name of the Royal Territory of Atlantis)[1].

The area now known as the State of Hokoria was previously a part of the Secret Monarchist State of Hokoria[2], before the nation declared independence on 31 March 2023. The history of the land dates back further, with it being a part of Old Hokoria and the Republic of Aweland before this. Before April 2022, the area was a part of the United Kingdom. The Royal Territory of Atlantis was formerly the independent Atlantean Federal Republic before it became a territory of the State of Hokoria on 16 March 2024.


The name “State of Hokoria” comes from the previous Hokorian nations Old Hokoria and the Secret Monarchist State of Hokoria. “Hokoria” is derived from the Japanese word for pride, which is "誇り" (hokori). The term was slightly adapted to create “Hokoria”. The classification of the nation being a “State of” originates from the Secret Monarchist State of Hokoria, with the “Secret Monarchist” classification being removed to reflect the nation’s status, to create the “State of Hokoria”.


Hokoria was a part of the Secret Monarchist State of Hokoria until it dissolved on 11 March 2023, with the State of Hokoria being the former nation’s successor.[2] Some have argued that the State of Hokoria is simply a reformed instance of the Secret Monarchist State of Hokora, although others believe that the State of Hokoria is a separate nation altogether.

Foundation and independence

Hokoria was founded on 11 March 2023, through the foundation of the Central Government of Hokoria, by Willow Cizdeizd I. This was on the same day that the Act of Government (2023) was written, alongside the Act of Territory (2023). On 31 March 2023, the nation declared its independence from the United Kingdom on Transgender Day of Visability. The date is symbolic and was strategically chosen as a statement to Cizdeizd’s belief in equality and visibility for transgender people.

Third and fourth dogfish conflicts

The third and fourth dogfish conflicts were a continuation of conflicts between the Republic of Aweland and the Tsardom of Som. The Central Government of Hokoria had become concerned that individuals from the Tsardom of Som were becoming active within the nation’s official Discord community. The third conflict officially began on 5 April 2023 and lasted until 16 April 2023. The fourth conflict began on 23 June 2023 and ended on 19 July 2023.

Resignation and succession of Cizdeizd

On 8 September 2023, Willow Cizdeizd I resigned from their position of Head of State. In an official statement, the former leader cited a lack of personal time as the main factor to their resignation.[3] On 15 September 2023, the Council of the State selected Aaron I to be their successor and be appointed as the 2nd Head of State.[4] Cizdeizd’s resignation saw the nation face a period of inactivity, despite the nation’s new leadership, resulting in their return to the Central Government of Hokoria as a member of the Office of the Head of State’s staff and later as the Branch Officer for Exterior Affairs.

Democracy placed on hold

The Hokorian Council was dissolved by Aaron I on 17 November 2023 following an inactivity period starting in August 2023. The Head of State also repealed the Act of Democracy, removing the legal requirement for elections for the position of Chancellor to take place.

A day later, the Act of Democratic Reform, was brought into effect. In a statement announcing the new law, a new democratically elected legislature was announced to be in the works. The Council of Representatives was officially formed on 6 December 2023, with all positions being filled following the conclusion of the Snap election of December 2023.

Reforms into a monarchy

On 18 February 2024, a proposed amendment to the Act of Government was passed by the Council of Representatives. The amendment significantly changed the government’s structure, with the most significant change being that the nation had become a monarchy with Aaron I as King. The Central Government of Hokoria was renamed to the Royal Government of Hokoria.

On 21 May 2024, King Aaron I announced that he would be stepping down as King of Hokoria at 07:35 on 13 June 2024. On 30 May 2024, a release by Aaron I stated that the Council of the State had selected Willow Cizdeizd I as its candidate for Monarch.

Government and politics

As a unitary parliamentary absolute monarchy, the nation is led by the Royal Government of Hokoria, which serves the King. Elections for the Chancellor position are held around every 3 months.

Royal Government

Logo of the Royal Government of Hokoria

The Royal Government of Hokoria, formerly known as the Central Government of Hokoria, is the central governing body of the State of Hokoria. The Royal Government of Hokoria governs Hokoria under the control of the Monarch and the elected Chancellor as according to the Act of Government, having a total of 4 branches of government. It was established on 11 March 2023.

Royal Government of Hokoria
Name Position Branch
Aaron I[5] Monarch Royal Office
Willow Cizdeizd I[5] Chancellor Royal Office
Waqiy ibn Ayatch al-Narjid[5] Deputy Chancellor Royal Office
Xander Edwards[5] Duty Officer for National Security Royal Office
Sakura Walsh[5] Royal Officer for the Interior Department of the Interior
Daniel Gomez[5] Royal Officer for Exterior Affairs Department of Exterior Affairs
Asa Ward[5] Deputy Royal Officer for European and African Affairs Department of Exterior Affairs
Christopher Slant[5] Deputy Royal Officer for Asian and Oceanic Affairs Department of Exterior Affairs
Elias von Oberholtz[5] Deputy Royal Officer for American Affairs Department of Exterior Affairs

Foreign relations

The State of Hokoria de facto recognises most member states of the United Nations, with the addition of the Republic of China, State of Palestine, Republic of Kosovo and the Vatican City State. 18 micronations, the member states of the Global Oceanic Cooperation Organisation and the Cupertino Alliance are also recognised.

Political parties

Political parties can be created with the authorisation of the Monarch, with party affiliation being a requirement to run in snap and general elections.

Registered political parties
Party name Party leader
Global Wackist Party Waqiy ibn Ayatch al-Narji
Hokorian Nationalist Party Iker Rodríguez Rodríguez
Founder's Party of Hokoria Willow Cizdeizd I


File:Kojima Island.jpg
Kojima Island, a province of Hokoria

The State of Hokoria has 6 provinces and 2 additional territories. These provinces and territories exist for representative purposes, with citizens assigned to a province being able to vote in general and snap elections.

Territory of the State of Hokoria
Map Name Type
Kojima Island Province
Komichi Province
Mizumi Province
Tsuri Province
Atsuzoko Province
Baria Province
N/A Royal Territory of Keraland Territory
N/A Royal Territory of Atlantis Territory

Royal Territory of Keraland

The Royal Territory of Keraland, known natively as the Territori Reial de Keraland is a territory of the State of Hokoria and formerly a region of Ikerlàndia. The province came under the State of Hokoria's governance following the Agreement of Keraland (2023) being signed between Aaron I of Hokoria and President Rodríguez of Ikerlàndia. The agreement was proposed by the Ikerlandian government as a show of the strong diplomatic ties between Hokoria and Ikerlàndia following concerns that the Kingdom of Salanda would declare war against Ikerlàndia due to its ties with Hokoria. This came after multiple alleged instances of Salanda becoming involved in Hokoria and its allies' internal affairs. The agreement established Keraland, then known officially as the Keraland Autonomous Region, as a jointly-administered province of the State of Hokoria and Ikerlàndia.

On 14 March 2024, a further agreement between Chancellor Willow Cizdeizd I and President Rodríguez of Ikerlàndia saw Keraland become a full territory of the State of Hokoria, under the new name of the Royal Territory of Keraland.

Royal Territory of Atlantis

The Royal Territory of Atlantis, formerly the Atlantean Federal Republic, is a territory of the State of Hokoria and formerly an independent state. It came under Hokorian governance following discussions started by the then President of the Atlantean Federal Republic with the Hokorian Royal Office. On 16 March 2024, it became a territory of the State of Hokoria, though the President of the Atlantean Federal Republic, now under the title of President of the Royal Territory of Atlantis, maintains some authority over the territory as part of the Agreement of Atlantis (2024).


The State of Hokoria's territory is located within the West Yorkshire town of Yeadon and is approximately 15.5 km (8.4 mi) away from Leeds city centre. The majority of the territory is the Yeadon Tarn, also known as Yeadon Dam, which is located between the town's Main Street and the Leeds Bradford Airport runway. The claim cover's the park's area of approximately 0.17 km2 (0.06 sq mi). The Territori Reial de Keraland (Royal Territory of Keraland), also known as Keraland, is located within the Catalonian city of Sabadell. Keraland is located approximately 20 km (12 mi) from Barcelona. The claim covers the city's area of approximately 37.79 km2 (14.59 sq mi). The Royal Territory of Atlantis, also known as Atlantis, is located within the Chinese special administrative region of Hong Kong.

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