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CityRP, also known as City Roleplay, is a Minecraft server set in a fictional city called Galactia in Virginia, USA. It was founded

in December of 2020, but the modern version of it that is known now started on January 26th 2021. The server version is 1.19.4

City Roleplay
CityRP logo

foundation December 17th, 2020

Minecraft version 1.19.4

Staff of the server Lily

SuperJoey Tsar Gaming Jroc104 Dakota madness

Major events
Weirdmageddon may 15th, 2021 - may 25th, 2021
The Egg take over may 30th, 2021 - september 5th 2021


CityRP is a Minecraft server that was originally created in December of 2020, where at that time it was named CitySmpRP. CityRP was started as a project between some friends to make a city on a public minecraft server.

2020 history

One day while Lily, the server owner was offline doing online school, and some people blew up one of the buildings, plus some other stuff in the server. The building that was blown up was a pizza hut that was made. This resulted in another player who helped run the server, named Doggo, to think of making the server into a Wasteland Roleplay server, which Lily was ok with. The lore of it became as such: "In 2050, world war three happened, resulting in Russia nuking Canada, causing fallout but in Canada instead." This was pretty much what the server was for a month. At this time it was named CitySmpRP, which meant City Survival Multiplayer Roleplay. At the end of the month, a player was trying to make a schematic of the world with world edit incase another player tried destroying the world, resulting in Doggo, the person helping, to ban them. This resulted in the server being abandoned for the next month because the entire world was destroyed and was un-reversable.

2021 history

Then, on January 26th, 2021, the server is revived, but is turned into a server about nations instead. These nations include:

The United States

The Russian Federation


Russian Empire



The Eggpire (more on that in a bit),

Of course, these are not all of the nations that were on it, they changed over time. Sometime in 2021, (date is unknown), the server was just simply named CityRP, which of course stands for City Roleplay, because it was not really a SMP. so on May 15th, 2021, Bill cipher from gravity falls tries to take over CityRP, and destroys the Washington monument, the museum, the park, and other things. Later on, on may 25th, 2021, Error sans defeats Bill Cipher, and kills him. Then, on the 30th of May, the Egg from the Dream SMP took over the server and started killing the characters. The characters included in the egg arch was: Dr. Sans, Joey, Dr. PixelFruit, Dr. Vivica, and Error sans. The Egg was born from an experiment that was done on a normal chicken egg and the void. Then on September 5th, 2021, The Egg was "Defeated".

2022 history

Nothing happens for a couple of months, besides the fact new years starts. Some stuff happens over the year, not really documented in history however. Then on September 9th to October 15th 2022, the discord server is nuked over and over again due to the owner Lily having her account hacked multiple times after being tricked into giving someone her token. Two days later the discord server is remade. On October 26th, the city in the server is officially named Galactia. Later, on December 9th, 2022, a custom world is created with world painter, later on the 18th, the server is updated to 1.19.3 to fit the geyser plugin so bedrock players can join as well. A player named Blade finishes building their mega empire before the year ends.

2023 history

On the second of January, Lily moves to a new house due to some complications with the old one. Some new issues arise, those being a hacker on discord named Jak joining CityRP possibly to nuke the discord server. The server also gains a new history along with the new world, and it is in one of the characters POV. on Janurary 26th, 2023, the server becomes 3 years old, then next month on the 22nd, a new discord server is made due to Lily getting her discord account disabled from a false report. On the 27th of the same month, roleplay in the new world on the server finally starts, and the characters Logan and Joey and his pet axolotl meet eachother. The server proceeds to die for a month due to Lily being busy with medical stuff and school. On the 3rd of March, the CityRP discord server joins a United states simulation government as a federal city.


Notable Examples