Armed Forces of Pontunia

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Armed Forces of Pontunia
Founded 21 February 2020
Service branches Pontunian Army
Pontunian Navy
Volcavian Knights
Headquarters New Rouen
Marshal of Pontunia Andrew Perdomo
Minister of Defense Silas Wurnbash
Military age 13
Conscription No
Active personnel 14
Reserve personnel 3
Domestic suppliers Fleur-de-lis Arsenal

The Armed Forces of Pontunia is the militia responsible for protecting Kingdom of Ponchartrain-Maurepas. It consists of the Pontunian Army, the Pontunian Navy and the Volcavian Knights. It is managed by the Ministry of Defense.


The Military is led by the President of Pontunia, and controlled by the Ministry of Defense. The MoD sets general defense policy, can procure equipment, owns the military bases located in provinces, can create sub-units of any of the branches of the Military, and controls the mobilization status of those units.

High Command

High Command is the headquarters of the Military, responsible for implementing the defence policies set by the Department of War and planning operations from a military (as opposed to government) perspective. It by default consists of the Duke, the head of each branch, all Generals, Admirals and Air Marshals, and any other staff the Grand Marshal sees fit to appoint. These extra staff currently include the Chief of Staff of each branch, and all Colonels, Vice Admirals and Air Commodores. High Command currently operates on Facebook Messenger.


The Army is the land warfare branch of the military, and is the largest branch, with 10 members. It currently consists of three divisions made up of various infantry, reconnaisance, medical and logistical regiments: the Bayou Battlers, based in and around The Ducal Residence; the Ragin Cajuns, based in and around New Cathay; and Louisiana’s Pride, an expeditionary group. and Gumbo Jägers units.


The Navy is responsible for maritime operations. It currently has a single unit, the Bruiser Cruisers, which operates from Pontchartrain Naval Base.

Order of Battle in the Second Freedom War

Catholic Republic of Pontunia (Volcavian: Marshal of Pontunia Andrew Perdomo)

  • Ministry of Defense(Minister of Defense: General Slias Wurnbash
    • Armed Forces of Pontunia
      • Pontunian Army
        • "Cajun" Infantry Battalion
        • "Pelican" Mercenary Company
      • Volcavian Knights
      • Naval Defense


 Pontunia OF-10
Marshal of Pontunia General Lt. General Division General Brigade General Colonel Lieutenant-colonel Commandant Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant