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This is the documentation page for Module:Political party/A

Updating this submodule

The political parties contained in this module are split into alphabetised lists based on the first character of the name (for example, "Labour Party (UK)" would be under /L). The /1 subpage is for any party that does not start with the western letters A-Z (including numbers and accented characters).

Within each data submodule are two local groups: local alternate and local full. The alternate group is for alternate names of a party. The following is an example of alternate names for the Labour Party (UK):

local alternate = {
	["Labour and Co-operative"] = "Labour Party (UK)",
	["Labour Co-operative"] = "Labour Party (UK)",

The first entry in square brackets is the alternate name, and the second entry only in quotes is the name found in the full group, seen below. Note that the alternate name of a party should be stored in its corresponding letter-based subpage; "Alabama Democratic Party" is listed in /A even though it is an alternate name for "Democratic Party (US)" (which is stored in /D).

Table values

local full = {
	["Labour Party (UK)"] = {abbrev = "Lab", color = "#E4003B", shortname = "Labour",},

There are three values stored for each party:

  • The abbreviation (abbrev).
  • The color of the party (color), which can either be a hex triplet or a basic color name.
  • A shorter name for the party (shortname).

If a name value is not stored for a party, the module will attempt to return the other "short" name variant before returning the input. Thus, if abbrev is stored but shortname is not, regardless of which value is asked for it will return the abbrev value.

Color values

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