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President of the Republic of Malus
File:Malusian Presidential Flag.png
Flag of the President of Malus
File:Malus Coat of Arms 2.svg
Coat of Arms of Malus
Connor Anderson

since 20 February 2023
Executive branch of the Republic of Malus
Style Mr President (informal)
His Excellency, The Most Honourable (formal)
Type Executive president
Status Head of state
Head of government
Nominator Self or by party approval
Appointer Direct election
Term length 6 months (renewable)
Inaugural holder Luciferio Mickomik
Formation 9 October 2022
Succession Vice President of Malus

The president, officially the President of the Republic of Malus is the head of state and government of Malus. The president is the highest government official in Malus, with a Vice President below them. They are selected via a democratic election, with the candidate receiving the most votes becoming president. The term length of a president is six months, and there are no limits to consecutive re-elections.


Duties and functions

List of presidents

No. Portrait Name


Term Party Election Days in office Vice President
1 File:LuciNewPortrait.png Luciferio Mickomik


9 October 2022

14 November 2022
Left Hand Path Unity Office established 36 days Vacant until 14 November 2022
2 File:Gray - replace this image male.svg.png Tom Zel


14 November 2022

4 December 2022
United Anarchists No election 20 days Luciferio Mickomik
3 File:LuciNewPortrait.png Luciferio Mickomik


4 December 2022

20 February 2023
Left Hand Path Unity

Radical Satanist

December 2022

January 2023

78 days Tom Zel

Vacant after 5 February 2023

4 File:Xluff Icon.png Connor "Xulf" Anderson


20 February 2023

New Unitary February 2023 293 days Luciferio Mickomik


*It should be noted that Mickomik's second presidency does not show his initial membership of the LHPU on the timeline


  • Oldest president at time of assumption of office: Luciferio Mickomik at 18 years, 11 days.
  • Youngest president at time of assumption of office: Tom Zel at 16 years, 10 months, 14 days.
  • First president: Luciferio Mickomik.
  • First person to have served as president then vice president: Luciferio Mickomik.
  • First person to have served as vice president then as President: Luciferio Mickomik.
  • First person to serve as president in two non-consecutive terms: Luciferio Mickomik.
  • Shortest presidency: Tom Zel at 20 days.
  • Longest presidency: Luciferio Mickomik at 78 days.