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Republic of Libertalia

National flag
Great Seal

Motto: Semper Invicta "Always Undefeated'
Capital Imperia
Official languages English
Ethnic groups
  • Christianity
  • Satanism
  • Terra Materian
Demonym(s) Libertalian
Government Constitutional Republic
• President of Libertalia
Connor McLean
Legislature Senate of Libertalia
from the United States
• Declared Independence
27 November 2017
• Dissolved
January 2020
• Reformed
12 March 2022

• Total
0.029 sq mi (0.075 km2)

• 2023 population
HDI (2023) 0.871
very high
Currency United States Dollar (USD)
Time zone UTC-4 (Eastern Standard Time)
Driving side right side

The Republic of Libertalia, more commonly known as Libertalia, is a micronation in Central Florida. The nation was founded on November 27th, 2017, by President Connor McLean, and joined the wider micronational community in summer 2018.

The Republic of Libertalia has gone by several names, most notably the Floridian Federation, and the United North American Republic, the current name came into use on 27 November, 2022.


Libertalia's name is derived from the name of the Pirate Colony of Libertalia, which was founded in Madagascar by Captain James Misson. The name is derived from the Latin root word "Liber", although this word may also be translated to the Latin word for "book", which can cause some confusion.

A Brief History

The Republic of Libertalia was founded on 27 November, 2017, as the Floridian Federation. The Republic was founded by Connor McLean, who currently serves as President of the Republic. Libertalia has always been fairly remote, not being near any notable or large nations, with the only exception being the Republic of Coldahan, which the Republic was briefly occupied by in January 2020 following is dissolution the same month.

On 12 March, 2022, after one failed attempt the prior September, and after the failed Calusan state collapsed in the years between the dissolution and reformation of Libertalia, President McLean, alongside Ryan O'Neal, announced the reformation of the Republic.

On the 5th independence day of Libertalia, President McLean announced in a speech that the Republic would be renamed the Republic of Libertalia, with the capital, Imperia (which shared the name at the time) being renamed days later.

Politics and government

The Republic of Libertalia is a Unicameral, Constitutional Republic. Officials are elected via a proportional voting system, with some positions, notably Cabinet positions, being directly assigned by the President. The Senate is the main governing body of the Republic, responsible for proposing, voting on, and passing/rejecting laws, as well as running the Uniformed Services of Libertalia, and maintaining the judiciary process within Libertalia in absence of an official court system.

Law and order

Law and order is currently maintained by the Republic National Police, the senate controlled police force within Libertalia. the RNP is charged with maintaining the peace, law and order, counterterrorism, border enforcement, interception of illegally trafficked items, riot control and acting as a military auxiliary force in the event of widescale invasion. The RNP operates a special unit, the Senate Guard Corps, who's primary objective is the protection of the Senate during sessions and diplomatic missions. The RNP and Senate Guard Corps are considered uniformed services in the Republic Armed Forces, being able to act in a similar manner to the Republic Army National Guard and Reserves.


The Republic of Libertalia has 2 uniformed services, the Republic Army, which acts as the national defense forces of the nation. The Army is comprised of two different internal branches, the active-duty force, which is the Republic's full time standing army, and the Reserves/National Guard, which are units of reserve soldiers which serve on a part time basis. The Army also operates a small Foreign Legion, comprised entirely of foreign nationals who serve in the Libertalian Army under the terms of the 2022 Foreign Citizens National Service Act.

Libertalia also operates the Navy of Libertalia, or Libertalian Navy, which acts as Libertalia's premier sea warfare branch, with the goal of fielding several small vessels to conduct patrols in local waters and assist in local aquatic ecological preservation operations.

Previously, Libertalia operated both the Libertalian Air Force (LAF), which is inactive as of September 2023, although the Senate maintains the ability to raise the force to a state of combat or national security readiness at any time. Libertalia's air component is currently operated by the Libertalian Army Air Corps.


Foreign relations

Libertalia maintains a list of nations which it recognizes, and which it does not recognize. The Republic only holds official diplomatic relations with other micronations which it deems as meeting a certain standard of development and professionalism.

Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Organization

Libertalia is a full member of the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Organization, being one of the three founding members of the organization after ratifying the NACC Accords. The first representative of Libertalia to the EACO was President Connor McLean, who also acts as the first EACO-NACC Secretary General.

Libertalia's capital, Imperia, is the Headquarters of the EACO-NACC. It has held this title since July of 2023.

Geography and climate

Great Seal of the Republic of Libertalia

Libertalia finds itself within the Floridian subtropical zone, having a moderately long rainy season lasting from early Spring to around October. Temperatures throughout the year remain mostly moderate, getting exceptionally hot in the summer months. Libertalia also commonly finds itself in the path of hurricanes formed in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean during Hurricane Season.

Libertalian geography is noted by extremely flat land areas, with virtually zero noticeable deviations in elevation in most areas of the Republic, this being concurrent with the general layout of the State of Florida.


Libertalia does not currently have any major exports. Libertalia's industry features business's the arts and entertainment most notably. Libertalia also makes a small portion of its money from investing, with day-trading and physical assets contributing the most to Libertalia's economy.

Culture and media

Religion and Spirituality

Libertalia is home to many practicing religions, with Christianity and Satanism being among the largest religions practiced within the nation. Christianity is the largest theistic religion in Libertalia, although the Christian population of Libertalia, as of 2023, is largely non-denominational, not aligned to a specific branch of Christianity.

A large portion of the population also describes themselves as Atheist or Agnostic as of the 2022 census, with the majority of Libertalian's aligning with one of the two groups.

A small portion of Libertalian citizens are followers of the Terra Materian movement, with some even being formal members of the movement itself. The movement itself was founded in August 2022 by President McLean.


Music plays a key role in Libertalian cultural identity, with many citizens being current or former musicians. Various genre's of music are commonplace in Libertalia, such as Jazz, Metal, Bluegrass, Rock, Blues and other genre's.


Sports are a widely loved part of Libertalian culture, with many citizens being fans of American Football and auto racing, most notably NASCAR. Every year, the running's of the Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500, and the playing of the Super Bowl, are observed as national holidays within the nation, generally seeing little government action during these days.

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