United Imperiums of Xaezurlia

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United Imperiums of Xaezurlia

National flag of the United Imperiums of Xaezurlia
Seal of The United Imperiums of Xaezurlia

Motto: "Peace Through Power, All for one, and One for all!"
Anthem: N/A
Largest cityXaezurlia(capital)
Official languagesXaezurlian English, English, Spanish, French, Turkish, Italian
• Emperor
• Empress

• 2024 population
Time zoneUTCN/A (CST/MST)


United Imperiums of Xaezurlia

The United Imperiums of Xaezurlia, also known as U.I.X. The community was founded in 2010, in May, any other month before that is not shown, due to it not being part of the Communities history. On Discord, it is seen as a "Protector" for Mock-governments and Micronations.


The Community/Micronations name originates from Guynne, who just made the name himself and thought it sounded good.

History of Xaezurlia

In 2010, May 17, the faction was founded under the name of Nexus, on Omega Realm, Minecraft. On June 12th, Nexus hits the 100 member mark, June 14, Nexus is recognized by other nations and groups as a faction. On June 22nd, 2010, The first war starts, with Nexus fighting Lotus on OMR. June 25th, Nexus won the war, simply by just razing the enemies bases completely, in turn they lost several bases, but still held onto their main one, and defended their land. On July 12th, 2010, Nexus is renamed to the Nexian Empire, to fit governmental changes, and territorial gains within Minecraft. August 3rd, 2010, TZH, Flintfire, GK999, and many other Minecraft Servers are discovered, and explored, whilst they expand their player base.

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, there is no documented history as of this time.


August 26th, 2015, Guynne's Discord server, now current day known as Aethellasia, is officially founded on Discord, as a private friend-group

server. Xaezurlia, Devarsicia, and Achneria all have servers created, but they were not under the same names as in present day.


December 15th, 2017, MCRB contact is established, albeit not being officially founded yet.


Janurary 14th, 2018, Overlook Mansion Project begins. March 7th, MCWW1 Begins; a massive war between old UIX, MCRB, Starville, and Many others occur.

March 16th, MCWW1 ends with a peace treaty. April 5th, 2018, the URM alliance is founded. May 18th, 2018, the Nexus DEF project starts, to protect realms, servers, and worlds of others.

June 10th, MCWW2 begins with the same participants as before. June 24th, MCWW2 ends last war Starville is involved with, continually in present day. July 5th, Anarchy event in UROM and

old UIX happens. July 7th, MCWW3 is declared by bother UROM and old UIX, then on July 8th MCWW3 progresses to nuclear type stance, MCRB outposts Alpha and Beta are nuked. July 9th, MCRB outpost Alpa is rebuilt then nuked again, July 13th, two old UIX establishments are nuked, but rebuilt rather quickly. July 16th, MCRB is once again nuked air stryle. July 17th, MCRB's home based is destroyed, resulted in Nexus winning the war. July 23rd 2018, Nexus invents the hyper nuke, a more powerful version of a regular nuke. July 24th, FEP collapses, FEW is founded in its place. On August 6th, 2018, MCWW3 Begins, however, on August 10th, the war ends. No data is founded from the war. September 5th, MCRB IX is built, September 13th, Nexus invents Gauss nuke, a even more powerful version of a nuke or hyper nuke. September 14th, The overlook Mansion is completed. September 15th, MCRB X is built. On September 22nd, MCWW5 begins between UROM and Nexus. MCRB is then renamed to Rebornian Union. September 23rd, Starville leaves UROM, voidic class nukes are tested and proved successful. September 2th, MOA is built, September 27th, MCWW5 ends with a treaty, the war is technically won by Nexus using bluff tactics. September 30th, Rebornian Union renames itself to URM and Appalachia is fully annexed by the URM. October 3rd, URM changes to version 2 of itself, then on the 8th, it is taken over by the XCBE. October 9th, Mexus and URM form an alliance against XCBE, ann on the 18th, XCBE collapses, URM and Nexbarian alliances dissolve and the MCRB breaks apart. October 19th, Panthealassic Empire is created from Xi Cybornis, the largest split state of MCRB. October 20th, Nexus's alignment to SRT is revealed. On the 23rd, MCRB re-annexes the states of Appalachia, kaapval. Vaalbara, Laurentia, Tari,, Internalia, Amazonia, And and Säo Luís all to the Panthalassic Empire, SRT requests that MCRB join their alliance, but never gets a response, and also declares neutrality. November 5th, MCRB renamed to FST and joins the SRT, November 12th, FST collapses and is taken over by Pax Americana, which then leaves the SRT. On November 15th, the 6 Minecraft world war starts, and TEQI is brought back. November 17th, Pax Americana does its final nuclear bombing, November 18th and 19th, Pax American unites all claims and creates the UEE, NAU and SAU merge to create NAO, the New American Order. November 20th, to November 26th, Australian Union is captured by Nexus, then renamed to TEQI claims, decoy bombs were launched at UEE, and CONTRA (alliance) is founded, UEE merges and renames again to UCE, and begins fighting TEQI. TEQI launches gauss nukes on every continent owned by UCE, Canadian land is hit by the nukes severely causing fallout to occur over most of northern NAO, TKB is used on TEQI and fails to hit and is deflected, Asian TEQI claims are pushed back again, and only once trapped, are all nukes launched by TEQI, essentially blowing up the whole planet. MCWW6 has no official winners. Civillianss who built secret stations now escape to other planets, not just TEQI, UCE or NAO. TEQI begins to repair the planet and simply "slam it back together". MCRB returns to the planet, but does not touch ground MCRB goes neutral once again. MCRB changes yet again, and renames. December 1st to December 5th, , MCRB disbands CONTRA, TEQI is declared war on by EIN. EIN declares war on MCRB, but cannot attack them as TEQI is blocking them. MCRB evolves yet again. MCRB evolves yet again, (these guys mutate a lot lol), TEQI becomes an authoritarian democracy, MCRB founds various civilizations around other systems. December 11th, MCRB evolves again for like the 500th time, TEQI merges its alliance with Sirca, and brings back the NEXUS alliance, not to be confused with Nexus. EIN falls and is annexed into NEXUS. Decemember 13th and 14th, NEXUS becomes a socialist reoublic, and seeks out allies, and The NEXUS alliance request is accepted. December 17th to December 30th, NEXUS requests alliance with MCRB, and Vorkatia, MCRB begins project Xia (no details found on file). NEXUS tech and fortification skyrockets causing previous utilities and items like nukes and ICBMs to be obsolete. This is also the same time old UIX first created the Mecha. Project Def B-13 is completed, B-14 is in progress. Interceptors find MCWW7 may happen soon, but the total scale is unknown. Mass colonization begins in NEXUS, and MCRB evolves for the billionth time in a row (basically a name changes and whole restructuring).


Janurary 1st to Janurary 4th, 2019, TEQI and UROM ally, UROM renames into NXCBR, Alliance is named between TEQI and UROM, called TIES, MCRB renames into SCBR and SCBR becomes TCBR. Janurary 7th, TEQI becomes TFSN (The Fascist State of Nexus), January 11th to janurary 20th, TFSN readies for war on Loka and conquers CPQC establishment. MCRB finds contact with a civilian with similar tech, named TURE, TCC and TFSN complete a land trade deal, TCBR turns into FCBR. FCBR once again annexes more claims, TFSN begins fighting MCWW7, and considers cancelling the TIES alliance. MCWW7 ends because the foe decided to pay reparations instead of being wiped out, MCWW8 is also a possibility. TFSN has a small isolationist period, and drops a lot of diplomatic areas, KXS reforms into a new government type, Galactism. One they created themselves. Caelos is founded on Loka, TGD collapses, TFSN pushes Meidzoryzmorse out of The Carpabiln Alliance, and Vorkatia poses a threat to TFSN. Janurary 21st to 31st, MCRB experiences a resource issue and can no longer do anything, opting to revert rather than join TFSN. TFSN goes communist, and renames to CSS, aka Communist State of Sircia, and MCRB leaves the alliance, causing CSS to arm up, CSS renames back to TFSN, but the government type doesn't change. MCRB's final dynasty is founded, TFSN brings back a bunch of old civillians, TEQI included as states of itself, MCRB's rule is halted, and United Earth is founded.A new fortress base is being constructed, capable of withstanding most if not all attacks, and circumstances. A little pre-emptive measure for longevity. GJD is invaded by XCBE, starting a conflict. Both fortress bases near completion, and when tested, work as planned. Feburary 1st, TFSN, CSS, TOASA & CIE prepare for a massive war against a particular group in Loka and Havoc. The records don't list who, but it looks to be CPQC based upon names and claims matching other files. Feburary 4th, War is still being delayed, which is unexpected. Feburary 20th through the 25th, Aihildia's ownership temporarily is handed off to someone they no longer associate with, to simply monitor it while a break occurs. The total hand off length was 3 weeks long. ICBMs and related mechas are repaired and fully functional again. Various defense systems and related are reactivated, set on a timer that behaves like MAD. Overlook Mansion catches fire, losing about 67% of the mansion; Backup was reloaded, however. March 28th, Aethellasia is founded on Loka. May 2nd, A chain of annexations begin from Rebornia, May 5th, Gauss nuke machinery is updated and fully functional and compatible to our current mechs. When tested, it was able to completely annihilate half a biome (240 radii, 400 shockwave distance, 1000 maximum damage effect). This was also tested against buildings and related too, and it completely shredded them. May 9th, Aethellia disbands due to economic collapse, and on May 17th, UIX officially is 9 years old. May 22nd, A lot of new undisclosed projects are started, and a lot of missiles are being developed for the mechas they have. Superstructures are also being built now, as the group is advanced enough to create them. July 18th, Aeisen is founded on Loka, August 16th, Aeisen is disbanded due to a lack of interest. October 8th, CCCP joins ZSSN/DMN as a state, and protectorate, owned by Little_winge, October 27th, Rebornia and ZSSN activate the MAD weapons and end the years long wars, there are no winners. December 9th, Nexia is founded on Loka, but on the 10th, Nexia abandons Loka. December 29th, Devarscia is founded on Loka.


Janurary 15th, Reaper takes the throne as the Empress of UIX, March 9, The Stroggosian Empire founded part of UIX. On April 12th Rebornia is recognized as a shadow government in UIX, and on May 17th, UIX is officially 10 years old, and hits a milestone. July 3rd, Lokan assisted a raid on HSRP and contested the server, the cacus beli is not known but UIX played a part as well. September 4th, UIX hits 9,000 members, and now has 35 states. On October 16th, the Prussian Empire signs a peace deal with UIX.


Janurary 15th, Anniversary of Reaper being the empress of UIX. May 17th, UIX is officially 11 years old. July 8th, The Authority is exposed and denounced via documentation and proof of past; effective in all servers not directly connected to them. November 2nd, UIX states slowly start merging into one server, however the main states are not included. November 3rd, Unknon025 contributes to the blacklist UIX had created in 2018, adding 1,700+ users and filling over 13,000 entries. November 13th, Relay system is set up via the merger server, backlist relay is also included and created. November 27th and 28th, Reapers reign as empress ends, and Reaper loses citizenship and ownership statuses. November 29th, Reality is given a chance at being a co-owner, starting off with basic mod perms, and to learn how to lead. December 4th through the 26th, The UIX MC server officially opens after more than a year of preparation Keitel is publicly exposed and denounced for being a pedophile; as far as they can tell, he has been arrested and will not return. Mommy Milkers is exiled and extradited from UIX for TOS Violations and corrupt/harassing staff, Minor server outages on Discord impacting them for about half an hour, Minato and his USSR's are exiled permanently, and enforced after intel sapping to find he allied with a known pedophile. An honored man, rank 4 and year 6 is confirmed dead in the deadly December tornadoes that ravaged the USA. Nexia (HS corp) begins its first WS, UIX arms up and begins initiatives against the Mommy Milkers server. Nexia finishes its first WS, score is 34-53, however they achieved L2 FS which costed 1,200,000 CR. SF Universal is exiled and extradited, including being blacklisted from all UIX servers until further notice in response to their actions; MC server is tested for bedrock compatibility and fails the test. UIX officially hits the 23,000-member mark, SFU is confirmed to be tergiversators, and are now permanently blacklisted, along with anyone who sides with them. Volterra, a previous UIX state, is blacklisted, including the owner, Terryn. The Blacklist is effective in 40 servers outside of UIX, totaling to 71 servers. SF is marked on the total war list, an irrefutable choice of being destroyed with no chance of return because of their tergiversator-type actions; Anyone who bears support to them, or the group will also be added to the same list and will promptly be destroyed as well. The last time this was used was on CPQC, and the group of nearly 6x the size of SF was completely collapsed within 42 minutes. SF is also currently set to be publicly exposed for their actions of all members involved, mostly the corrupted leadership, sometime within the next month or so. First strike on SF, with a massive success. Taught the traitors to not mess with UIX and they don't mess around.


Janurary, UIX's COA and Flag are flown IRL for the very first time. The Owner gets in a car crash, in a hit and run, perp unknown, UIX partners up with DISPOL, ran by LOS, to help them against raiders and nukers; UIX officially hits 6,000 bans, the Rules and Blacklist updated and synced to site and servers. SF's presence on Loka has been identified and the town is set to be total warred; Volterra and Thunderhold previous claims are also set to be fully razed. Request to sync Vorkatia's history is sent and approved, simply awaiting documentation to add such. March, XRH opens, with a cap of 125 and active rating of 73%, which is higher than anticipated for the project, Localized chats are implemented across servers and Guynne's Discord gets a much-needed overhaul. SGF arms up against OC due to finding out their intentions. April, UIX founds the 33rd state on ANDAI, UIX begins constructing its 34th state. After full analyzation, it has been found that the founders and owners of SF are infact criminals, who scapegoat to hide it. It was uncovered by a spy earlier, that all suspicions were confirmed true, by multiple parties, not limited to one side. SF has been marked to be disabled and destroyed entirely, for criminal scum have no place near us. May, Elyria joined UIX as the 35th state, Galactic Hope joined UIX as the 36th state and on May 17th, UIX is now 12 years old. June, Total war was declared on several servers, as to which they have been lost to time. NGO was also found to be declared on, but not a total war and is in a disheveled shape. CSC was kicked out of LOS, which was backed by TA. LOS kicking it was also backed by UIX. NDAP (CSC's alliance) has been marked for CMT total war and shall be disturbed until dismantled. July, XCH is fully archived, however, the template is available for use. NDS opens up in the border server, allowing allies and connections to use UIX's services. August, The 6 yearlong rivalries between UIX and CPQC has ended, Galactic Hope has their statehood revoked, CSC is marked for permanent war, as the same that happened to TA. We do not tolerate pedophiles or neo-Nazis. Panther Union is up for statehood consideration, and a vote will decide what happens next. CPQC is found out to be siding with TA, which you only have to scroll up to see what they're about. CPQC has been blacklisted again, and fully denounced, and their rivalry shall continue. TSAN and UMOD are set for total war due to being raider clans. As per the aforementioned, we do not tolerate any users like so. UIX hits 7,400 bans. 1 entire raider group as well has been fully exiled. When connection testing them, they were unable to join any mock-gov or related server, thus marking the first official success for the blacklist. Persian Empire and Panther Union both join UIX as the 36th and 37th states. Galactic Hope rejoined UIX as the 38th state, Magna Imperium Romanum and Velos Force Union joined UIX as the 39th and 40th states. SGF is disbanded due to the platform it's based on going down September, Massive ban wave hits all major raider clans and related, banning in total over 300,000 accounts. About time someone did something on a scale comparable to them... Massive Call of War community disappearance happens, and we have no clue where they went. As of November, there also has been no updates or solutions. An RP category is added to Aihildian Federation; however, it hardly gets used and is later deleted. DISPOL is no longer recognized as an anti-raider group, and instead, as a raider harboring group. Chat bridges go into effect, with several servers. Major server overhaul to Aihildian Federation to prep it for becoming a new core state. Emy becomes the next Empress of the empire. October, Due to reaper committing fourth level felonies and related, a cease and desist is put against the previous HR. Court is also set to be in December this year, for violating it. Republic of Camelot joins UIX as the 41st state. Noble Network joins UIX as the 42nd state. Panthers of Prussia, a previous UIX state, is exiled for raider activity, treason and treachery. 13 states and 2 outer states are merged into Aihildian Federation, dropping their counter by about half. OSSDS joins UIX as the 25th state. Serenity joins UIX as the 26th state. November, Violet Rose joins UIX as the 27th state. UIX gets a new banner, flag and server icon for Aihildian Federation, the outer core state. Islamic Sultanate of Qardasha and The Republic of Tankria both officialize a defensive pact with UIX. Despite both groups having a negative group reputation, the pact is still honored. Neocryptia is recognized as being under Zaserntica, which was a UIX state, but is now a state under another UIX state. Ain't that fun? Nami creates Nexissis, which is built out of UIX and a bit from RP communities. It becomes their 29th state. They also hit 29,000 members, and over 3,000,000 connections! If no states were merged, They would have 126 states by now. UIX Government voting comes back, a systematic last used in 2020. Rather than use elections for people, they let the people choose their governing styles. UIX declares war on TA, and 4th brigade for attacking LOS.They also re-activated their OMR pact, so if they get attacked, they'll bring in all OMRs. Elyria and Noble Network merge together. Both states will still be recognized, however Elyria is now archived. December, Government voting for UIX closes. Anarcho-Communism once again wins in the populace votes. Volterra rejoins UIX as the 30th state, under the same agreements. Server Monetization is enabled for UIX, to support their functions. The British Empire joins UIX as the 31st state. The Republic of Camelot is kicked out of UIX for raiding and is denounced. Mineland Republic and CityRP MC also join UIX as the 32nd and 33rd states. The Roman Empire, owned by Vendetta, joins UIX as the 33rd state, replacing Camelot's place. Kingdom of Poland joins UIX, under a defensive pact/treaty. They also have a membership agreement as well. 4th once again gets war declared on them, since they refuse to learn. DPKF joins UIX under the agreements of protection and security.


Janurary, The Vantessist Realm of the Authority joins UIX as the 36th state, under the agreement of protection. Treaty of Gdansk is signed, as Tankria and Poland had a bit of war that we ended with basically a white peace. UIX wasn't involved with any fighting or related but still managed to do a power move to end it. Both groups also violated their defense agreements, but they were forgiven afterwards. The Nexian Empire comes back online to HSO. It's time for war and to reclaim their title. Steam group is founded, for the gamers in the community (which is most of them). People are welcome to join, but anyone who's on their blacklist or related will be banned here too. For those not on steam there's of course, category roles available in the Discord. The Kingdom of Zedland rejoins UIX as the 37th state, after it was deleted sometime in late 2021. They couldn't find an official date. The Roman Empire that also had previously joined UIX was deleted (albeit the server still exists). Global scale war declared against TA so they can finally get rid of these pedophilic neo-nazis. UIX officially hits 30,000 total members. Aihildia's accelerationist program begins, to progress it into a core state. Various features and related will come to those in the server. UIX hits 10,000,000 milestone of connectors, and channel is promptly renamed to users, so that it doesn't cut off the number. FRTA officially joins UIX as the 38th state, under protection, security and membership agreements. XRH Ruleset update and overhaul. USSR joins UIX as the 39th state, under all agreements. A private 40th state is also now with them as well. 4th gets war declared on them by the entire community for declaring on all nations; Immediately several declarations ring out as well. So far over 50 nations have sworn to destroy 4th: How ironic. Feburary, 4th does their classic intimidation tactic, which only works against them; More nations declare them an exile and threat, and so much so as blacklisting them.They also made their upcoming legal action more known. 4th gives up fighting, and acknowledges that they won, which means we beat them without even lifting a finger.. Also as predicted in an announcement, they would attack some small unrelated server, and look, they attacked CSC. Commonwealth of Australia joins UIX under the agreement of CY Builder. March, B2_Sp4c3 joins UIX officially; They were a part of the community for many months, unofficially. Terrain of the 19 is booted from statehood. Mathematics officially joins UIX under the agreements of Protection, DB Synchronicity, Diplo Access, Linkage, Membership, & CY Builder. They are also a core state, making them the only core Guynne doesn't own himself.. First contact with Star Amity established. April, They hit 10,000 bans. Also no, this isn't some "April Fools" joke either, the exact number is 10,006. Quite impressive, I must say, but also says a lot about raiders. XRH's server reboots once again, after some public polls. Server is set to handle 200 active players at once, among other things. UIX officially surpasses 50,000 users, and as of this update, has 51,044 members! XRH CFG & Mod updates, that overhauled some old mechanics, and added more features aligning to the original idea we had of it; Survival as it should have been, one could say. Total war declared on TCA & AOS due to commando once again being a problem child. If they want the war to end, all they have to do is strip commando of his roles and remove him. Plethora of updates for XRH, literally a wall text. Fixed 8 bugs, updated 23 features, and modified 11. Statehood joins are re-enabled after a short period of locking them off. Disciples of Fitness joins UIX as the 41st state, under the agreements of membership/partnership. Ragnar Empire joins UIX as the 42nd state, under the agreements of diplomatic, war and agency support. They also had a massively successful stream that lasted for 6 hours and had a 13% growth rate for the server ensue. The crusaders raiding group is exposed to be a bunch of pedophiles, and thus of such, They declared permanent war against them, and they will see to them being arrested. DPKF and Mineland officially merge into UIX. May, A lot of bot attacks occur across platforms; however, measures are immediately deployed, and the problem has been easily dealt with. UIX officially turns 13 years old. Xaezurlia and Devarsicia begin waking up, after their period of dormancy, and coming back. Commonwealth of Australia, owned by Hello_2, joined UIX. July, Fracturizer attack on the modding community, however they were dealt with rather quickly. Galactic Hope closed its doors. They are still a state but are archived. Mathematics is kicked out of UIX after multiple violations, agreement breakages and related have been removed. They were also very unfriendly and difficult to work with, making anything happen nearly impossible, without some middle man.. that half the time, never responded The World of Remnant, Demon Slayer: Taiyo Chronicles, Federal Republic of Atlantic Union all joined UIX. Aethellasia was also rebuilt, along with deal modifications with Rebornia. B2_Sp4ce, and VFU are also marked to be potential cores, if they match the requirements, and finally, ERA unofficially joins UIX. LOS commits some very severe errors/mistakes, and co-operation with said group has effectively ended. Statehood agreements have been updated, and modified, along with adding in new ones.LOS has medium-level sanctions placed on them for their errors, and the Elemental Realms of Adrosa officially joins as the 45th state. LOS docs are discovered about the event, albeit unpublished and unsupported, so they made their own official document in response, thus ending the tirade all together. June, Andromeda: ROH, a game and its developer, have agreed to co-operation with UIX, and Guynne help them with upkeep and development as much as possible... and maybe even save the game from its slow death. IFOS, Kingdom of Spain, and Liberty Gazette all join UIX officially. DPRK was going to join this day as well, but it was not officialized. July Aihildia ends its closed border stance since 2018, and has now opened it for all, that are of course, not raiders. DPRK owned by Minato joins UIX as the 49th state. Localized chats deployed, and testing has begun. Stage 2 of core construction has begun. Panthers of Prussia officially rejoins UIX as the 50th state. New community section released. Forced removal and corrections of servers within LoS, public blacklisting of their group, and all users working for them. This will be in effect, permanently. Massive java vulnerability found within MC, however patched at a later date. Another war declared against UKK & AOS. We also linked the cyber tip line, for missingkids.org, since they know what they're up to. August, Banner update, for community recognition. Growth calculator added for all external states and related outer cores. LoS's ISAC attempted to spy on UIX via broadcast.. it went about as well as one would expect. LoS is officially no longer recognized as a valid group, empire or whatever you call it. To UIX, they are a clan, at best. They will be unwelcome, and unrecognized for the rest of the time they "exist". Official blacklisting of LoS operatives and users, since they wanted to be a problem. These users are also all publicly blacklisted. September, Due to LoS wronging so many people, servers and groups, UIX extended a hand to any who wish to join them, since they'll actually do what they promise, and won't be wronging anyone. They also declared war against SF. Kingdom of Denmark and United Indonesia both joined UIX, as the 52nd and 53rd state. UKK declared war on UIX even though they were already at war with them Guynne does not understand, but clans will be clans. Massive web exploit discovered with images, however updated and patched accordingly.SF's war goal is changed from counterattack to expulsion. October, War with USF again, even though theynever signed peace. Guess they got their attention. Axefall officially joins UIX as the 54th state. CSL becomes the 55th state, and only vassal state of UIX, after being hit by a nuke, and them acting. They agreed after the terms were over, that they would go back to being independent, however they are now even better protected. November, Space is once again, proven to have CP and the like. "Why people don't believe usw hen we say what people do is beyond me, we've warned people for years about this, and him, as an individual." They have started officially making their own website, copyrighted and owned under their company. They are looking to move themselfs and others here, after very poor efforts from Discord, raiders being a problem, and generally the platform failing to provide for its users. Any misuse or the like of the platform, will be met in accordance of the terms of service. Mass war declaration against KAFF, VT, IRG, and other clans that exist, since they wanted to be a problem. Also started a massive movement, and banded multiples of massive organizations against them. They have not seen 1 attack since this has happened, perhaps applying pressure like so made them give up. The biggest attack that they actually managed to do was raiding an unprotected archives server.


Janurary 17th, UIX officially hit 20,000 bans.