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Tuesday Renegade
Logo for the show
Date June 6 - June 20
Time 30-50 minutes
Location Socialist Commonwealth of Malus
Cause Weekly show put on by the Malusian Wrestling Federation
Organized by Luciferio Mickomik

Tuesday RENEGADE was a program produced by the Malusian Wrestling Federation, alongside Friday Fight Night. It was succeeded by Wednesday WAR.


Episode 1

The first episode of Tuesday RENEGADE took place on June 6, 2023. It featured five matches, with some of the roster being from the previous event, Sunday Showdown. In the first match, Aidan Hardin would fight Flash Gauge in a highly competitive and athletic match. After receiving the victory, Gauge would enter into a feud with Aidan Hardin, hoping to establish himself as the top high flyer in MWF.

Following their match, Victoria Powers would face Julie "The Jewel". Julie would use her gymnastic background in her moves, such as her split kicks and flips. She'd be in control for the first portion of the match until she received a diving axe handle and was floored. Victoria would attempt to push her lead, hitting Julie with a standing shooting star press, but was then countered with a back body drop. Julie then nailed her with a Kinshasa, for a count of two. In response, Victoria caught her with a dragon twist cutter, but Julie reached the ropes during the pin attempt. Victoria then performed a top rope moonsault but this didn't get the pin. After escaping from the cover, Julie hit Victoria with a diving crossbody, then a second Kinshasa, which couldn't put away Powers. Powers then hit a second dragon twist cutter on Julie, but this didn't result in a win. The two fought for a bit more, before Powers was able to secure the victory after nailing "The Jewel" with a third dragon twist cutter.

CoCo hitting Lopez with a huge DDT.

After that, "The Princess" Andrea Lopez would fight Queen CoCo in a 15 minute Iron Woman Match. The two women would establish themselves as top stars on the RENEGADE roster, with CoCo in particular proving herself, gaining the first fall after submitting Lopez with a torture rack, and then gaining another fall right after after spearing her and pinning her. She would then lose her momentum after being hit with three German suplexes, but was able to kick out after a count of two. CoCo would then hit a big DDT on Lopez, getting another fall with six minutes remaining. She would get her fourth fall by hitting a second DDT. She would go for a third DDT, pinning her again and getting five pins. She wouldn't let up her offence, then attacking her with a brainbuster, but being countered with an F-5. She was luckily able to reach the rope to force a break. Lopez would attempt a missile drop kick, but miss, and be hit with a fourth DDT, bringing the score to 6-0 with four minutes remaining. Losing her energy, Lopez would be easily lifted with a military press, then hit with a body slam and moonsault before getting slammed with a spear and pinned for a seventh time. Lopez would be unable to defend herself for the rest of the match, being hit with a buckle bomb and then a fifth DDT, gaining CoCo her eighth pinfall. After failing to secure a pin after another F-5, Lopez would go for a second, securing her first fall of the match. Knowing that she couldn't win, Lopez would take CoCo outside of the ring and throw her into the barricades and stairs before returning to the ring and accepting her loss. The final score would be 8-1, CoCo.

The fourth match would be between Drake Hunter versus Alexander Foks. Both men were powerhouses in the ring, and faced stiff offense from each other in the beginning. After some back and forth, Alexander would be thrown to the outside, and the two would begin brawling. After being hit with a drop kick, Foks would re-enter the ring, then exit again and ambush Hunter with attacks. However, this would backfire and he would be left reeling on the floor. Both men would finally re-enter the ring after Foks was thrown into steps. Foks would hit Hunter with a spear, but Hunter would kick out. Hunter would hit Foks with a spear after recovering, but he would also kick out. After standing up, Foks was nailed with a Stone Cold Stunner, but was still able to kick out. In response, Hunter would hit Foks with a huge DDT, then another Stone Cold Stunner, winning him the match.

Addison Dime forces Raven to tap out.

The fifth and final match would be between Addison Dime, Bethany Breaker, and Raven in a fifteen minute Iron Woman match. Despite her imposing figure, Raven would be attacked by both participants early on. She would attempt her powerbomb finisher on Breaker, but be countered with a roll-up. Addison Dime would then attack her with a combination of strikes, making her flee to the outside. Then, she would suplex Breaker and strike Raven multiple times, before attempting a crossface submission before it was broken up by Breaker. Breaker would be thrown out of the ring, and Addison would use a cloverleaf submission on Raven, before being attacked by Breaker with a kendo stick. She would be able to grab it from her however, and attack both women until Raven left the ring. Breaker was able to get the stick away from her, and hit a sit-out piledriver for the first fall of the match. After Raven attempted to get involved again, she would be rolled out by Dime. Breaker then broke the kendo stick across the head of Dime, who fell unconscious. Breaker and Raven would brawl. They'd leave the ring, where Raven would hit a massive Last Ride on Breaker, before the pin was broken up by Dime. All three competitors eventually ended up behind the announce desk, striking each other. All three would return to the ring, where Raven would hit a flapjack on Dime for a count of two. Breaker would then Irish whip Raven out of the ring, then assault her with a sledge hammer before throwing her back in. After injuring her, Breaker would throw Raven out of the ring, then hit a tombstone piledriver on Dime and attempt a pin. Raven would return, attacking both women with a baseball bat and throwing Breaker out of the ring. Then, she threw Dime out of the ring and attempted a cover, but it was broken up by Breaker. All three would return to the ring, where Raven would take out her anger on the referee, slamming him to the ground. This would be a mistake, as she would then be rolled up by Breaker for a count of two. Raven was then tossed to the outside by Dime, who would then submit Breaker with a dis-arm-her submission. After all three women once again went outside, Dime submitted Raven with a crossface with only 47 seconds left in the match. This would result in Addison stealing the win away from Bethany Breaker, beating her opponents 2-1-0. After the match ended, Raven hit Dime with a Last Ride out of anger.

Episode 2

The second episode would be shorter than the first, featuring only three matches, the first of which being a mixed tag team match.

This would be the first in the promotion, and would feature Alexander Foks and Addison Dime against Bethany Breaker and Rey Wrath, who was making his debut match. The men would start the match off, with Foks getting in significant offence before Wrath tagged in Bethany Breaker. Per mix tag rules, when one partner tags out, the other team also has to switch. This brought Addison Dime into the ring, and the two would fight shortly, however Breaker would quickly retreat and tag Wrath back in. Foks would quickly suplex Wrath, before delivering a powerslam, which sent Wrath crawling back into his corner and tagging in Breaker. Breaker would be hit with a standing dropkick, then a diving leg drop and pin attempt, to which she kicked out at two. Breaker would roll out of the ring, and Dime would tag in Foks. This time, Wrath got in his fair share of offense, locking in a submission before Foks tagged in his partner. The two women would end up fighting on the outside of the ring. When they returned, Bethany would be hit with a pump handle suplex, but be able to counter a moonsault. Dime would then lock in her crossface submission, then attempt a pin, but Breaker kicked out. The men would then be tagged in, and Wrath was hit with a suplex and lariat, but able to kick out at two. The women were then brought back in, and Bethany hit Addison with a back suplex on the ring apron. The match would end when Alexander powerbombed Rey off the top turnbuckle, then hit him with a second suplex-lariat combination, picking up the win for himself and Addison Dime.

Andrea West celebrating her first victory.

The second match would be between Victoria Powers and Andrea West, who was making her debut match. Andrea started the match off fast, overpowering Victoria and then hitting her with a dropkick from the top rope. She then threw victoria out of the ring and continued to beat her down, before re-entering the ring. She then unleashed a combination of punches to Powers, and then a comeback attack, rendering Powers weakened and forced to kick out at two after a pin attempt. She would attempt to rally back, nailing West with a standing shooting star press for a near fall. West then then attempted to throw Powers out of the ring again, but this was reversed. In spite of this, West was able to hit an F-5 on Powers, who kicked out at two. She would hit a second one and attempt a pin, but Victoria would once again kick out at two. This would then cause West to climb to the top rope and attempt an elbow drop, but miss. Powers then was able to perform her finisher, Blunt Force Trauma, on West, but this didn't yield a victory. In response, West delivered a pump handle suplex, followed by a powerbomb and series of German suplexes for another nearfall. Finally, West performed a second F-5 which earned her the victory in her debut match. Afterwards, the two competitors shook hands.

Following this match, the main event would be a handicapped match where the team of Flashpoint (Aidan Hardin and Flash Gauge) would face Drake Hunter. After getting in some quick offense, Hardin would tag in Flash Gauge. However, this would seem to be a mistake, as Hunter unleashed a series of heavy attacks onto Gauge, before delivering a splash from the top rope for a count of two, which was broken up by Hardin. Hunter then delivered ten headbuts to Gauge. Hunter would continue to dismantle Gauge, hitting him with a crushing DDT and going for a pin, which was again broken up by Aidan Hardin. In response, Hunter hit Hardin with a second rope bulldog, and then Gauge with a Stone Cold Stunner. However, Gauge kicked out. Hunter then was hit with a closetheline before Gauge tagged out. Aidan Hardin and Hunter exited the ring, where Hunter was hit with a shooting star press. At the count of five, they re-entered the ring. Gauge was tagged in again, and began to brawl on the outside with Hunter. Gauge then incapacitated Hunter by hitting him with a series of offense and then attacking pressure points in his limbs, rendering him in extreme pain. As the referee's count reached ten, Gauge slid back into the ring, handing Flashpoint the victory via countout.

Episode 3

The first match of the night Aidan Hardin and Rage Warner, the latter of which was making their debut. Warner used his former career as an MMA fighter to his advantage, brutalizing Hardin with stiff punches. Despite his build, Warner was also able to execute extremely athletic and acrobatic moves, such as moonsaults and flips. Hardin would attempt to fight back during the match, but be the victim of nonstop offense from Warner. Warner would connect with an uppercut, which rocked Hardin. This would only lead to a count of two, however. Hardin performed a moonsault, for a two count. After both men recovered and got back to their feet, Warner used a submission against Harden, but he was able to escape. Warner then performed a diving knee drop, but Hardin kicked out at two. Hardin then attempted a moonsault, but missed, and then was kicked in the ribs and attacked in the back. The match finally ended when Warner once again connected an uppercut to Hardin's chin, ending their bout with a three count.

The next match would be a last woman standing match between the MWF Women's World Champion, Queen CoCo , and the women she faced at Championship Clash for the title, Raven. This match would be very long, and become critically acclaimed. For the majority of the fight, the two women were mostly even, with the champion only slipping around a third into the match, when she ate a Brogue Kick and Last Ride from Raven. She beat the referee's ten count, and stood up at eight seconds. As the bout progressed, both women became extremely exhausted, using the time that their opponent would spend on the ground not to continue an assault, but to catch their breath. As Raven was getting beaten by CoCo, Bethany Breaker would run into the ring. She would attempted to hit a tombstone piledriver on CoCo, but be reversed. However, she would end up beating down CoCo alongside Raven, before exiting the ring. The two of them got CoCo to stay down for eight seconds, but she was able to recover before the ten count. While attempting a gorilla press, Raven was reversed into a DDT, which almost had her lose the match. She was able to stand up, but then was hit with a snap-suplex that grounded her. After this, CoCo was hit with a big boot, then a hard throw to the canvas. This wouldn't be enough to keep her down, but ultimately she lost her advantage when Raven picked her up and delivered a crushing powerbomb over the top rope to the floor outside and the referee counted to ten.

The next match would be between Bethany Breaker, Andrea West, and Julie "The Jewel" in a triple threat match. All three women would alternate between who they attacked, but when Julie rolled out of the ring, Breaker would perform a wrist lock armdrag against West, before delivering a backdrop suplex to Julie when she came back. Her momentum would be stopped when Julie and Andrea would team up to deliver a suplex to Breaker. West then rolled out of the ring to retrieve a baseball bat, which was legal due to the extreme rules stipulation. Julie would exit the ring after being hit with the bat, and West would deliver three German suplexes to Breaker, which only resulted in a two count. Julie would return and battle with Breaker, receiving a big DDT from her, then an F-5 from West. After recovering, Julie would hit a Kinshasa on West, then attempt to perform a powerbomb on Breaker, but that was reversed into a DDT.Bethany rolled out of the ring, and Julie hit a Kinshasa on Andrea, which she kicked out of. Breaker would re-enter the ring and also be hit with a Kinshasa, but the pin attempt was broken up by West. West would then hit Breaker with a diving leg drop, but Julie prevented the pin. West then threw both women out of the ring, and focused her attacks on Breaker, bringing out a sledgehammer and slamming her with it, before herself being hit with it when Bethany got it away from her. Bethany and Andrea re-entered the ring, continuing to fight. Breaker attempted a tombstone pile driver, but it was reversed. Julie then entered the ring and was hit with a tombstone piledriver from Breaker. West delivered a powerbomb to Julie, rolling her out of the ring, and then attempted to pin Breaker after hitting her with a GTS. This would fail, but she would then perform an F-5 onto the ladder, but this pin attempt was broken up by Julie. Bethany then performed a German suplex to Julie on top of the sledgehammer, which allowed her to pick up the victory.

The next match would be a falls count anywhere match between Flash Gauge and Rey Wrath. This would be Wrath's first singles match. Both men would be very high flying, performing fast offensive attacks. After a few minutes of fighting, Wrath would attempt a moonsault, but miss and be hit with knees to the ribs and then a stiff lariat. Then, Gauge performed a knee to the head, followed by a springboard dropkick and kick to the back. Rey then performed a codebreaker, followed by a foot DDT. Despite the attack to his leg, Gauge was able to powerbomb Wrath outside of the ring, where he then attempted but missed a Superman Punch. Wrath then regained control, tossing Gauge around the ring and kicking him in the face, before performing a stunner for a near fall. Gauge was able to connect with the Superman Punch a the second time, but this didn't gain the pin, so he hit Wrath with a GTS, which Wrath kicked out of at two and a half. Gauge attempted a submission, but Wrath was able to reverse, hit his opponent with a basement dropkick, and then a codebreaker. He then performed another stunner to gain the victory.

The final match of the night would be a grueling Last Woman Standing match between Addison Dime and Victoria Powers. It would be the longest match in RENEGADE history, clocking in at a staggering 25 minutes. The match would ultimately come to an end when Dime would throw Powers into the barricade, knocking her unconscious. This match would received mixed reviews, getting acclaim for the athleticism but also criticized for the length.


The final episode of RENEGADE was expected to take place on June 27, 2023. However, similar to the last episode of Friday Fight Night it is considered lost media due to a failure in storing the footage. The events of the show are not considered legitimate. Following the end of Tuesday RENEGADE, the roster would compete in Night of Vengeance, which merged the card of FFN and RENEGADE to compete against each other.



Name Record


Aidan Hardin 2-4-0 N/A
Flash Gauge 2-3-0
Drake Hunter 1-1-0
Alexander Foks 1-1-0
Rage Warner 1-0-0
Rey Wrath 1-1-0


Name Record


Bethany Breaker 1-4-0 N/A
Addison Dime 4-0-0
Raven 2-2-0
Victoria Powers 1-2-0
Julie "The Jewel" 0-2-0
"The Princess" Andrea Lopez 1-0-0
Queen CoCo 1-2-0 MWF Women's World Championship (before cancellation)
Andrea West 1-1-0