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Ethan S.
Coat of arms used to represent Ethan S.
ResidenceDovedon City
NationalitySohnlandic, British
Citizenship The Sohnland, United Kingdom
OccupationUniversity student
StyleHead of State
TitleSupreme Leader of the Republic of The Sohnland
Political partyNationalist Party (The Sohnland)
Styles of
Ethan S.
Reference style Supreme Leader
Spoken style Your Highness
Alternative style His Excellency

Ethan S. is an Sohnlandic-British micronationalist, founder and Supreme Leader of the Republic of The Sohnland, Writer and editor for the Sohnlandic-State Press Organization The Sohnland Today[1]. Ethan S. is also the head administrator of the DoveArchives and a number of Sohnlandic institutions.


Ethan's main interest is studying Biochemistry in university. Outside of university he maintains a career on micronationalism. He also holds some interest in history, geography, physics and astronomy. Ethan S currently edits on and makes contributions to DoveArchives under the user TheSohnlandGov[‡ 1].

Ethan is only involved in one micronation, that being the Republic of The Sohnland. This is because his presence in the community is extremely limited following his official departure from a policy of expanding micronational relations and interaction outward[2].

History in The Sohnland

Significance in the Republic of The Sohnland

He holds the title and role as the head of state and government of Republic of The Sohnland, He is also founder of The Sohnland. He is the main driving force behind the Sohnlandic government and the ruling party, making The Sohnland into what it is today.[3]

Significance in the Nationalist Party (The Sohnland)

He is the founding and current head of the Nationalist Party (The Sohnland), and the driving force behind party's rule continued in The Sohnland. His work in the party and in the government is attributable to the domestic development the Republic of The Sohnland has ever made.[4]

Positions Held


Name of Affiliation Affiliation Emblem Date of Entry
Sohnlandic Head of State 20/04/2005 - present
Member of the Nationalist Party of The Sohnland 3 August 2021 - present
EACO (ECC) Secretary general 28/07/2023 - 15/03/2024
USov Security Council Member 15/03/2022 - 21/03/2023
DoveArchives Head Administrator 04/02/2022 - present
Chief Cashier of the TSL Bank & Treasury 04/07/2016 - present
Sohnlandic Foreign Minister 15/12/2020 - present
DoveSites Hosting Administrator 13/06/2023 - present


Creating and running a country is an uphill battle you can never truly win and then be over and done with. The fight to preserve The Sohnland in its glory is a never ending battle, but a battle I shall never cease or give up. I shall protect my country until my body fails me.

— Head of State Ethan S., describing his micronational purpose.

If I consider The Sohnland my homeland, that means I love as a Sohnlander, contemplate and speak, sing and feel, as a Sohnlander; that I believe in the strength of the Sohnlandic people. Its triumphs is my strength; its destiny is my destiny; its suffering is my grief; and its prosperity is my joy.

— Ethan S. during a Nationalist Party Supreme Peoples Assembly, 2023


Caption text
Ribbon Country Honour Date Post-Nominal Code
Karno-Ruthenian Empire Knight of the Imperial and Royal Military Order of St. George[5] 1 August 2020 KGO
Obscurium Orders, decorations, and medals of Obscurium [6] 21 July 2022 OBS

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Contact Information


Head of State email (

Ministry of Foreign Affairs email (

Personal coat of arms

Coat of arms of Ethan S.
2 June 2022
A Golden Dove rising from flames on an azure field
Two wood pigeons facing towards the shield with wings spread
Order of the Golden Dove
The three flags represent the different nationalities of Ethan S. The escutcheon depicts the mythical Golden Dove which represents triumphant and resilience in times of struggle and hardship.


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