Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Organisation

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Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Organisation
PredecessorUnited Sovereignties
FormationMay 10, 2023; 14 months ago (2023-05-10)
FounderGabriel Sebastion
Founded atRepublic of Ethosia
TypeIntermicronational Organisation
PurposeProtecting western and democratic values in micronationalism and encouraging cooperation and development for micronations in North America and Europe.
Official language

The Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Organisation EACO for short, is a group of aspiring micronations that work with cross Atlantic relations for mutually assured development and diplomacy.


The primary goal of this organisation is to provide a platform for micronations in North America and Europe with democratic and western values to engage in close cooperation, security and shared development. They encourage freedom of speech, accountability, democracy and peaceful discourse over conflict and micronational war. The EACO also take a firm stance against micronations that carry out fake wars, sock puppetry, defamation, and extremism. Micronations that use these immoral tactics only seek attention and needless controversy.


The Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Organization was first created by the president of the Republic of Ethosia Sebastian S. on April 7th 2023, under the name of North-American Cooperation Council (NACC), with the goal of supporting the development of the North American micronations. A few weeks after the creation of the NACC, Mr. Sebastian S. offered an official proposition to the Republic of Libertalia and the Republic of Vinland (known then as the Principality of Vinland) to join the Organization. Libertalia joined it on May 10th 2023, followed two days later, by Vinland. It is around this period that was adopted the first emblem of the NACC designed by Alaixaiy Braus.

On July 26th the idea was proposed to the NACC general assembly to expend the Organization to the North Atlantic area in order to englobe a higher number of micronations. The decision was adopted by all the members the next day, the organization was then renamed into the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Organization. Following this decision, the EACO witnessed a new wave of expansion, by the ascension of the Kingdom of Lavari, the Republic of Vyzvaliatia, and the Republic of The Sohnland, respectfully on June 27th, 28th and 29th 2023, ascending from being observer States to the position of full members.


Full Membership

Full members within the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Organization are members that enjoy all rights and duties given to a member state: they can contribute to discussions and debates, vote on proposals, elections and membership applications. Full members may appoint a representative to stand for election to any staff positions in the organization.

List of members

Members of the EACO (by date of admission)
Member state Code Date of admission Status
 Republic of Libertalia ROL 10 May 2023 Full member
 Republic of Vinland VIN 12 May 2023 Full member
 Kingdom of Lavari LVI 27 June 2023 Full member
 Republic of Vyzvaliatia VZL 28 June 2023 Full member
 Grand Republic of Cycoldia - 12 September 2023 Full member

Former members

Former member state Code Date of admission Date of departure Time as a member Status before departure Motive of departure
 Republic of The Sohnland TSL 29 July 2023 15 March 2024 7 months and 15 days Full member Unilateral withdrawal from the EACO.
 Republic of Ethosia ETH 7 April 2022 23 April 2024 2 years and 16 days Full member Integration of the Republic of Ethosia in the Republic of Libertalia, following the treaty of New Arkania.

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