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State owned company
Founded4 February 2022; 2 years ago (4 February 2022) in Carnifron City, The Sohnland
FounderEthan S.
Area served
OwnerEthan S.
Number of employees
ParentDoveSites Hosting
DoveArchives Company Flag
UseCivil and State flag, Civil ensign
Adopted2023 (original 4:6 ratio)

DoveArchives is a free online encyclopaedia that allows anyone to make and contribute to articles about anything they want. The site itself is a place to edit articles with little restrictions; Allowing authors to protect their articles from meddling users and making the manual of style not obligatory. What sets DoveArchives apart from other wikis is the fact that new editors must either be invited by an already existing member, or be granted permission by the site owner.



Originally established on 4 February 2022, the project aims give Republic of The Sohnland its own wiki to similarly to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, using the same familiar content creation and maintenance tools. Like Wikipedia, all of our content is completely free and is available to the general public for fair use. DoveArchives is an open encyclopedia that any user can edit, with an account. This website did not attempt to copy or replace WikiProject Micronations at Wikipedia, but rather to develop a wiki about the Republic of The Sohnland and other related micronations. However, users are free to upload content about other micronations. The scope and focus of the DoveArchives today has not abandonded that position.

Carnifron Archives

The Archives project headed by the Sohnlandic government originally began its existence as the Carnifron Archives; A project tasked with categorising all information related to The Sohnland. The Carnifron Archives was the main method by which all mentions of The Sohnland, government documents, intellectual properties, historical and cultural records and relics were secured. Computer files storing these aforementioned assets were kept on an air-gapped network of computers and servers based on the local Sohnlandic run intranet. To make the archives globally accessible, the wiki based website was created. These air-gapped server networks also began as an upgraded form of the former Sohnlandic radio service which was founded and disbanded in 2013.

What the DoveArchives offers you

Sites like Wikipedia have notability requirements for creating new articles and strict criteria that makes editing for newer editors a gruelling task. Wikipedia also does not allow articles to be created by those closely related to the subject. Whilst the DoveArchives allows for anyone to create articles about anything providing the content abides by site policies. Like any wiki site, DoveArchives can create specific pages for persons, government departments, historical events, important documents, concepts - anything that one could find on Wikipedia about a macronation. We accept a wide range of content, provided it adheres to our content guidelines and policies. Here on the DoveArchives there are no mandatory standards when it comes to editing, although the manual of style is still recommended.

As a wiki, the DoveArchives is maintained by a team of Administrative staff, but the actual content of the website is created and edited by ordinary users. All of our articles have been contributed to the wiki by our users, who work together collaboratively. All of our content is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. This means that you can change any of the content on this wiki unless otherwise specified, and take content off this wiki and use it for any purpose. Your right to do this however is conditional - you need to attribute the work to DoveArchives or to its specific creators, and you can only share it under the same license that we offer it to you.

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