2024 Nicene-Faltrian Diplomatic Tensions

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2024 Nicene-Faltrian War
Date14 March 2024 – present
Result Ongoing, creation of the Phoenix Coalition
Commonwealth of Faltree
Socialist Republic of Malus
Diplomatic support:
Nyeusi Socialist Republic
Roscami Federation
Kingdom of Ponchartrain-Maurepas (until March 21, 2024)
Free Kingdom of Nicaea
United Imperium of Xaezurlia
Commanders and leaders
Owen Bean
Matthew Laptev
Hunt Powell
Luciferio Mickomik
Jakob Vancapelle
Thomas Jacobs
Andrew Perdomo (until March 21, 2024)
Alexandra I
Shahanshah Guynne

The 2024 Anti-Faltrian declarations are a series of political declarations calling for the toppling of the Commonwealth of Faltree, primarily motivated by the Commonwealth's victory in the Faltrian-Malusian War, an action which toppled a government hostile to the Faltrian government, on 8 March 2024 as well as a recent flareup in heated relations between the Free Kingdom of Nicaea and the Long Island sector. The first declaration was issued by the Roscami Federation on 14 March 2024, wherein Roscamistan called for nations in the Long Island Sector to "rise up against Faltrian imperialism" and urged those fascists within its borders to "rise up against communism and capitalism."[1] The Free Kingdom of Nicaea and the Kingdom of Ponchartrain-Maurepas similarly issued demands on the same day, releasing them to the government of Faltree on 15 March 2024, calling for the toppling of the Faltrian government whilst demanding that the Socialist Republic of Malus, believed to be a satellite state of Faltree by Nicaea, become a vassal of Pontunia or a personal union with the nation under Andrew Perdomo, a former leader within Malus.[2]


From 2021 until 2023, a group known as the Micronational Assembly, of which Faltree was a member and whose members now largely comprise Faltree's citizenry, cyberbullied Daniel Maloney, who would soon be befriended and manipulated by a man pseudonymously named Desslok Visari Nafage as a result of the mental state brought about by said cyberbullying. While being manipulated by Desslok, Daniel would meet the Basileia of Nicaea, Alexandra I Irikladis, who sympathized with Daniel. This cyberbullying of Daniel would be, in large part, the reason for Nicaea (then Cimbrun) entering the Lavian Secession Crisis with diplomatic support for the Lavallette rebels, which would kick off the Ozark Crisis as Ethosia was an ally of Ausveria, which was led by one of Daniel's cyberbullies and was the government against which Lavallette was rebelling. Desslok would, after being accused of pedophilia and sexual deviancy, fall from grace shortly after the end of the Crisis on May 25th, 2022, leading to over a year of no contact between Alexandra and Daniel as the two became divided as to who to support in the end and Alexandra would leave the community as a whole, only returning to communication in November of 2023.

On 4-5 October, 2022, Chepiwanoxet, a piece of land claimed by the Roscami Federation, was annexed by Faltree following a threat of a Faltrian invasion against Roscamistan. The Roscami Federation would later become a fascist state, leading Faltree to cut ties with the Roscami Federation and attempt to legitimize its claims to Chepiwanoxet.

In December of 2023, an alt belonging to Alexandra would attempt to enter Nodaria with the express intent of contacting, and potentially serving as a honeypot for, Desslok, so as to gather evidence against Desslok for others to use, and possibly report him to the FBI. The alt would leave Nodaria after Alexandra was informed that Desslok was entirely inactive on Discord and had left the community and that, as someone left in a caretaker position was trying to become a part of Discord's Trust and Safety team, any potentially malicious actions taken in the server would possibly lead to a hardware ban from Discord. In January of 2024, the alt, unchanged, joined the Faltrian server with the express intent of entering the Faltrian government and supporting a rebellion that was ongoing there. However, Owen Bean, the leader of the rebellion, was added by Alexandra sometime in February, and the ruse was exposed. As the alt was stated to be 17 years old in its bio, Hunt Powell would make the implication that Alexandra was posing as a minor for sexual purposes, when her purposes for entering Faltree were not at all sexual in nature.



The Roscami Federation made its demands on March 14th, 2024, in response to the end of the Faltrian-Malusian War in which Faltree had toppled the Nationalist government of Malus. This would be treated with indignation by Faltree, who made an announcement about it and published it, unaware the Nicaea Discord server had followed the channel during the prior espionage incident. Nicaea would, seizing the opportunity, make its own demands through a Royal Statement, also stating it would invade if the demands were not met by May 14th, two months after the Statement was written. The same day, Andrew Perdomo would reiterate the demands and would announce the creation of a coalition against Faltree, later named the Phoenix Coalition by Alexandra. The statement was sent to Malus and Faltree on March 15th, and they would respond with nonchalance, Owen, who had taken over as Leader of Faltree between the espionage incident and the current day, reminding the Faltrian people of the disinformation that had previously been made.

Edit war and Hiring of Mercenaries

From March 16th to the present day, an edit war would occur between Faltree and Nicaea on MicroWiki regarding the disinformation, which had been publicized on the site through an article regarding the declarations made, and on March 19th the People's Republic of the Dales, led by Jakob Vancapelle, another of Daniel's cyberbullies, and the Nyeusi Socialist Republic, led by a newcomer by the name of Jacob Gath, would announce their support of Faltree and Malus through the MicroWiki page. Meanwhile, Alexandra would contact a micronation, currently unnamed for secrecy's sake, to hire their PMCs.

Declaration of War

Throughout March 21st, a neutral party would attempt to negotiate between Faltree and Nicaea. However, Hunt refused to even consider negotiation, so, having heard Hunt tended to listen to force, a war was declared by Nicaea effective April 1st, 2024, and the United Imperium of Xaezurlia, a server network connected to Nicaea, declared a war on Faltree on the same day.

The fallout of this was such that Alexandra resigned her position as Prime Minister of Pontunia amidst a large amount of internal and public pressure being placed on Andrew for her to do so. Alexandra was also removed from government positions in Hokoria as well as staff positions in Curnon, and then banned from the CA and LIN shortly afterward. Malus and Nicaea would reconcile on the 27th, and the invasion was called off on the 6th, as Faltree was declining and with it, the decline of Daniel’s cyberbullies was at hand.

Result of the Conflict

The Nicene state’s ambitions were greatly damaged by the conflict, with many Irikladian Front positions being lost and Nicaea’s reputation being irreparably damaged. However, the idea of Magna Nicaea, a colony similar to those of Magna Graecia, was born during this period, and would be created at the conflict’s end on May 6th, from Faltrian land claimed during the war.